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[Paul Lismore] Our justice system has never been so poor and inadequate

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 20 Mars 2023

[Paul Lismore] Our justice system has never been so poor and inadequate
Let me first of all give you one glaring example of how low the judiciary has fallen: 2 female magistrates are currently being given the big sausage treatment by none other than the biggest fraudster in the island, the man who can walk into any bank owned by the government, i.e. us, and walk out with hundreds of millions of rupees which we all know will never be paid back.

He has a luxury apartment in Citadelle Mall, Port Louis, and I suppose the view of the waves crashing on the harbour acts as a guide for the tempo and depth of the judicial thrusts and movements...One of the magistrate's husband is related to another one of those nauseating nominees so beloved of the ti cretin, esp this nominee who believes that the MBC is the most independent, objective news media in the world...Et pourtan, ene sofer taxi bizin ena plis sense de direktion ki sa villain ggt la, non?...

Our very generous soul (generous with other people's money...) loves not only sharing his sausage with those 2 magistrates but also regularly sends food from "Paul" to some magistrates in the Intermediate Court...We don't know whether he sneaks in a sausage or two in those food parcels too...

A  magistrate from the Intermediary court, very notorious for his arse licking abilities during the polling count at the last elections, recently had a road accident whilst pissed. Once again, the magician's tricks of our "serviteurs du pays" manifested themselves: The magistrate found himself not in a cellule de degrisement but at the Bon Pasteur clinic. A colleague of his wife who works at the DPP's Office informed the police that he was the one driving, when it was in fact the drunk magistrate who was behind the wheel...The colleague was of course sober as a judge...

Recently, Ramgoolam made some references to a Judge who was visiting a minister, apparently not for the big sausage, although in her case, she is known to be a devourer of those penile shaped things...She is a very Senior Judge who once gave an unreleased copy of a judgement to her lover...Ask Dev Hurnam for further explicit details...Of course, nothing happened to her, apart from the inevitable promotion...

If you think Mauritius is divided along ethnic lines, think about our judiciary. We now have Hindu judges/Muslim judges/ Chinese judges/Creole judges forming clans along ethnic lines. I suppose it is a demonstration of the fact that "learned" people, the "Honourable" ones are just as stupid as the average Mauritian whose choice of friends depends entirely on whether so Bon Dier meme Bon Dier ki mo prier...

The lover of one gay judge has left him and the poor man is venting his rage and frustrations on litigants and their legal advisors... at the risk of fraying his Beautiful Skin...A junior judge is nominated (by la kwizinne of course) to chair Commissions of Inquiry at the expense of more senior judges, simply because the cretins in power can control her...The lawyers now sing, "Oh Carol! I am but a fool..."

Finally, one of the Senior Judges comes from a family of known supporters of the MSM from Mare D'Albert...So, if your case against the government has been listed for her to judge, you had better crash your car, get your friend to claim that he was driving, and go and have a nice rest in a private clinic, ok?

We recently had numerous attacks by Pravind Jugnauth, the Dipshit, and others on judges/magistrates/the DPP/zavokas 5 sous, etc. The one group of people who should have protested in no uncertain terms is the Bar Council. When many lawyers asked for an emergency meeting, the new Chair of the Bar Council decided that a meeting in 3 weeks' time is sufficient for an emergency!

The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, and I bet you a quite stupid, non committal statement will emerge from that meeting. I won't mention the fact that Priscilla Balgobin, the new chairperson of the Bar Council, is very close to one of the main kalchoul handlers in la kwizinne, Saya Ragavoodoo...They have been bosom buddies since their time at the QEC...

The Bar Council is now nothing but a reflection of our sad, divided society...Ethnicity, caste and clan membership now decide whether you will be elected to the Council or not. If you have the backing of the Freemasons, you are in!

The worst part of our judicial system? No one has the balls to stand up to the bastards who have turned a noble profession into one where all sorts of dirty games take place.

Our Chief Judge? She does not seem to have a voice at all, because she never says anything about anything....She remains quiet even when arseholes are using their positions to criticise a magistrate who made the terrible mistake of listening to all the evidence and making a decision rooted firmly in the Bail Act which, lest we forget, was passed into law by the arseholes now hiding behind priests' robes to throw insults at her...

If the Bar Council behaves cravenly tomorrow, then they may as well rename it " The Bar", where pretentious bastards go to get pissed and talk bollocks.

Lundi 20 Mars 2023

1.Posté par Dustin LSE 2:2 le 21/03/2023 09:54
And Ragavoodoo works at Air Mauritius, where Balgobin's unqualified low IQ husband with 2 A-Level CrazCrazé managed to climb to the top after being a steward (thanks to his uncle at MK) in the 90s.

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