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[Paul Lismore] Once again, our "free and independent" press colludes with gangsters in high places by refusing to name them

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 11 Juillet 2020

You must have heard about this quite incredible story about ADSU and 2 lawyers stealing Rs 9.5 millions from a Travel Agency. In ADSU's official report, they mention that only Rs 85,000 was 'confiscated'...

Here is how the scam apparently worked:

A lawyer went to Naz Travel Agency and suggested that he had a large sum of foreign currency that he would like to exchange into Mauritian rupees. To convince her, the lawyer showed £8000 (around Rs 400,000) and Rs 10,000.

Having whetted her appetite for a good profit to be made from a straightforward transaction, he told the owner of Naz Travel Agency that he had the equivalent of Rs 9.5 millions in foreign currency which he would like converted into Mauritian rupees. A good, quick business deal, albeit illegal, for the Travel Agency, don't you think?

Having swallowed the bait, Naz Travel's owner asked her friends and colleagues for money to make up the Rs 9.5 millions, as requested by the lawyer. The money apparently came from advance sale of tickets and group tours. 

So far, so good. Two days later, the driver of the lawyer turns up and asks for the money. The owner refuses and tells him that she will only give the money to the lawyer. As soon as the driver walks out of the door, 5 Clouseaus from ADSU barge in, and 'confiscate' the money, all Rs 9.5 millions.

According to the newspaper report, the woman goes to the HQ of ADSU, and they tell her that they will only reimburse her Rs 5 millions!

Apparently, the CCTV cameras in the Travel Agency confirm her account and, in true politician's and ICAC's fashion, " un haut gradé aux Casernes Centrales a refusé de commenter et a confirmé qu’une enquête est en cours." Therefore "pa kapav koz sa, nou p fer lenket la!"

What the newspaper fails to mention is the name of the 2 lawyers....They are quite well known, in fact quite notorious.

Remember the Paul Lam Shang Leen drugs inquiry that is now suffocating with all the dust dan tiroir PMO et ICAC? Remember how a few lawyers were spared a good grilling because they were going to crucify Raouf Gulbul, something that PLSL was apparently quite keen to do?

Well, two of those lawyers were the ones who engineered and took part in the Travel Agency scam, together with some very corrupt elements in ADSU.

One of them is Samad Golamaully, who made the original request to Naz Travel Agency to exchange some foreign currency, with the promise that he has the equivalent of Rs 9.5 millions to exchange soon....

The other one is Ashley Hurrangee. Both were heavily involved in the campaign to get Gulbul elected at the 2014 elections and large amounts of money from drugs dealers were apparently involved, according to the PLSL Commission of Inquiry into drugs.

Why haven't the two lawyers been arrested yet, as suspects?

Anyone else facing those serious accusations would have been named and arrested by now. Is this what they tell us is an etat de droit, where your chances of being arrested depend on all sorts of factors not related to the crime? Like your links to corrupt elements in the police force?

I am not saying that these 2 lawyers are guilty of anything. All that I am saying is that their names have been mentioned and that at the very least, they ought to be arrested and would happen with any ordinary citizen.

The new Police Commissioner has apparently a good reputation. Time for him to live up to that reputation and to show us with his actions that unlike the previous useless police commissioner, he will live up to the ideals of Thomas Fuller of the 18th century: "Be you never so high, the law is above you".

Samedi 11 Juillet 2020

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