Paul Lismore

[Paul Lismore] Oh yes, yes, baby Pi Ke! We feel so are the best!

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 21 Janvier 2023

Ena dimoune kouyon p enkor atane facteur vini, parski zot koir ki kan to dire "feel good factor", facteur pou vine donne zot ene special package ki pou fer zot gagne boukou gidi gidi. Ala problem kan politiciens sitan gourman pouvoir ki zot dire zot pou donne tou gratis, kouma dire pays la in assiz lor l'or et diamants partou. Paissa naiba, mai politiciens merde ar sa parski zot kone ki ena pou donne zot votes en esanz de ene ti kentucky et ene boutey Goodwill...

Mai a nou koz lor sa "feel good factor" la...Let me tell you that many men get an erection whenever they hear you say "evidaman" for the 1000th time, and they get to the point of no return when you say "bien sure", esp if you follow that with your ever so sexy "huh huh"..Some nasty tongues call them chatwas of the premature variety, but then it is difficult to even think of any chatwa who is mature and who doesn't spurt all over the place whenever they think of you...

Yes, baby Pi Ke, we dream about you every night, even though those dreams often turn into nightmares when the dreaded one, Lady Macbeth. makes her appearance with her broomstick, and warn us that she will set the Special Suckers Team on us who will plant some herbal stuff in orifices that rarely see the sun. But we don't care, because Pi Ke, you make us feel soooo good.

When billions of rupees are wasted or stolen, many of the premature ones feel some sort of vicarious pleasure that the loot has gone to our patriots. Even though they might get only a few rupees from the loot, too late! They live up to their reputation and the mere mention of 'loot' means that have already come prematurely...

But dear Pi Ke, you are so modest that you do not understand the enormous appeal that you have for the women of this country. If only you could exploit that or feel able to!! The country is going through a severe drought, and yet Pi Ke....all you have to do is hold Women only meetings near our reservoirs, and they will soon fill up with the gorgeous amount of squirting every time you indulge in your favourite dirty words of foreplay: "Evidaman" et "bien sure". You won't need your chatwas to organise prayer meetings for rain to fall, because saying with a lascivious tone "evidaman" and "bien sure" will soon get the waters flowing copiously and filling our reservoirs. But, to be on the safe side, don't stand too close to some of them as they might squirt directly into your eyes, ok? 

Yes, baby Pi Ke, you know how to make us feel good. Many Mauritians may subsist on only one meal a day, but the sound of your voice on the harem known as MBC always make them forget about their worries and their stomach. All that they feel when they see you on MBC is that warm glow of anticipation of the day when you finally lose all restraint and go in deeply...with Anooj sat in the background with a cucumber up his arse going "Aller Pravind! To meme nou mari!"

Because of you, sexy, gorgeous Pi Ke, we will always feel good. Because, as many people say, you have shown us, beyond all reasonable doubt, that when it comes to fucking us and the whole country up, no one could possibly match your expertise in that department.

Samedi 21 Janvier 2023

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