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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 19 Novembre 2018

" In a fascist system, it's not the lies that count but the muddying. When citizens can't tell real news from fake, they give up their demands for accountability bit by bit."--- Naomi Wolf

Yes, the USA has got Fox News and various websites run by mercenaries that tell the Americans that the man with the orange face and hair is a great humanitarian and democrat and who never lies, despite every other word that comes from that monstrously ugly mouth is, as Winston Churchill once described a lie, a 'terminological inexactitude'.

In Mauritius, we have an orange party in power with the clear intention to tell as many lies as possible, comforted in the belief that several 'newspapers' and websites financed and supported by the idiots in the PMO will not only faithfully report them but will embellish the lies further, in the belief that any shit that leaves the PM's body is as good a 'boutte' for them as a nomination to one of these corrupt parastatal orgs.

Let us identify a few of these blatant lies

1/ " Nou pou enpesse fer discour politik dan fete socio kiltirel" : Not only do we see that fake promise in evidence at every religious festival, but our gorgeous PM uses these festivals as the ideal opportunity to tell us that he does not fer madames tousse sali. Notwithstanding the inappropriate setting for these crap speeches, it also does not say a lot for the sex life of the speaker seemingly stuck in only one position...

2/ "Elections villazoi? No problem! Fini allocate larzan pou sa!". 2 months later, "zamai mo ti dire sa! Montrer moi kot mo ti dire sa!" He must surely have heard of Hansard...

3/ " Nou pou aret koription! Nepotisme non! Ar nou non! Tou jobs pou bizin apply! La paye ban nominees pa pou depasse Rs 70,000! Parole donnee, parole sacree!" That was 4 years ago and you know the rest....For further info, address all queries to la cuisine where Lady Macbeth will put on her best beatific smile and tell you that it is all being done dan linteret superieur du pays...

4/ " Pou ena Freedom of Information Act! Pou ena Transparence dan tou zafer gouvernman! Nou pou respekter et defane liberte d'expression"....Four years later, a pussy face Attorney General, who used to be big knob in Bramer, felt no compulsion or even a minor twinge of hypocrisy when he and his mates stole the same bank under a very spurious excuse, and recently passed an amendment to ICTA that seeks to stop us from telling them what a lying bunch of arseholes they really are.

And if that does not work, select 3 zourlanus who really believe that their shit smells nice and answer some questions with more lies, safe in the knowledge that the 3 bozos will only smile like only true cunts can.

5/ When all else fails, revert back to your single greatest lie which at one time made you very popular: bring Dawood Rawat back into the equation and mention him as the cause for the first world war, the second world war, and the cyclones that will soon hit us. Even if Hansard clearly shows (again!) that you as minister of finance, assiduously defended the awarding of the contract to Ireko, it does not matter. Tell the lie and let the arselickers at the MBC and something called Inside News repeat it, as if it is the truth. There are enough soucerres, zombies, and roder bouttes in Lepep Kouyon that will still accept your shit as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

But this lie misses the main ingredient that will make people believe you: Very few people now believe the Ponzi nonsense that you fed them in spades in 2015-2016. Most people now know that BAI/Bramer was stolen by your government, and the spoils shared amongst the arseholes and the parasites that surround our politicians. 

Mauritians hate bullies. And when you have put a man on his knees and you still feel the need to throw in a few more kicks, decent Mauritians will consider you a disgusting hypocrite and a callous bully.

As Laina D. Rawat-Burns said in an interview yesterday, « Ils nous ont déjà tout pris. Que veulent-ils d’autre ? »

It really does not surprise me at all that an Orange party is now desperately resorting to the Fake News a la Donald Trump in order to salvage any hope of winning the next election. The tactic is really quite simple and can only have come from a sixieme fail in the PMO, desperate to show an intelligence that does not exist:

Start spreading Fake News, let us frighten people with the amendment to ICTA so they are too scared to mock us, and leave it all to the zourlanus too spineless and so lacking in the most basic ethics of real journalism to spread the Fake News. It is destined to fail. For the simple reason that your stupid amendment cannot possibly lock ALL of us up. 

With a National debt of well over Rs 300 billions around our neck, and law and order visibly crumbling because our police force is led by a marionette only too willing to do your bidding, our institutions behaving like nurseries for the propagation of corruption and nepotism, we are being well and truly fucked. Something which you seem to enjoy doing without the need to make us tousse sali every day...

Lundi 19 Novembre 2018

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