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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 8 Mars 2020

Normal service has been interrupted for one day, and women are expected to celebrate today as the day when their daily plight is made public, and male leaders will tell us how disgusting all this domestic violence is, and "mo pa pou tolere sa!".

Tomorrow, normal service will be resumed, and many women will once again serve as punch bags for despicable little bastards who feel they are 'real men' only if they can totally dominate the one they pledged to love forever not so long ago.

Yes, we have these things called 'protection orders', which are about as much use as an empty roll of toilet paper staring at you before you have finished wiping yourself.

If you are a battered woman and you have had enough of the psychopath making your life a misery, go to a police station where every effort will be made to stop you from applying for one. If you still apply for one, wait for the holier than thou magistrate to find some time in her /his busy schedule, only to tell you to come back at a future date. In the meantime, just hope that the knuckles of the idiot living with you hurt so much from hitting you that he will take a rest from his murderous assault and you won't have to wait too long before the magistrate wipes her arse and gives you a 'protection order'.

And even if you get one and the bastard hits you again, you will find that our wonderful laws which pledge all sorts of sanctions against the little oik mean nothing to our courts or to the police: it is unlikely that the weasel will spend more than one day in a police cell before he is allowed to return home in order to continue his carnage.

We have the laws in most cases to deal with this quite outrageously thuggish behaviour. Unfortunately, we also have idiots to implement these laws and their spirit of "foupamalisme" means that there might as well be no laws at all. Here is the latest example from yesterday: "

Elle a porté plainte contre son époux le samedi 7 mars. Ce dernier, soutient-elle, l’a frappée à coups de gourdin à la jambe. À l’origine de cet accès de colère de ce planteur de 49 ans : son épouse a assisté à une séance de prières chez son oncle... Dans sa déposition, elle explique qu’elle a également reçu des coups de pierres lorsqu’elle s’apprêtait à s’enfuir.  "

And the coup de grace, as is too often the case in these incidents? "  Le mari a été interpellé, samedi soir par la police de Montagne-Blanche. Il a toutefois été relâché sur parole à condition qu’il se rende au poste de police demain matin pour des formalités."

You try hitting a burglar with a gourdin and des coups de pierres, and you will find yourself locked up and taken to the magistrates court the next day...But as it is a woman, esp a wife who is the victim, then the attitude often is " " zafer mari/madame sa! Nou pa rant la dan nou!"

Examples of people doing whatever they want with complete immunity on Paradise Island abound: 

1/ We have had the Prevention of Corruption Act since 2003 but we have never had so much corruption. Never mind the data that the idiot representative of Transparency Mauritius sends to Transparency International which makes that body give us a relatively generous ranking: we, the citizens, including the roder bouttes and the soucerres, know very well that the whole place runs on corruption and 'mo dimoune sa'. And we are still waiting for ICAC to bring a case that will convict a big shark and not the ti lapia looking for ene la monnaie di te...

2/ We have a Prime Minister with a licence to print his own money if he so wishes. This is not a dig at only Pravin Jugnauth but also directed at SAJ, Ramgoolam, and Berenger too. Those four have enjoyed powers of patronage that make them the envy of the worst dictators on earth. The Prime Minister decides who to send on 'mission', how much per diem the missionaire will get (i.e. free dosh), who to appoint at a hugely inflated salary in charge of our mostly useless parastatal orgs, when to open parliament, when to close parliament, who to appoint as President, as Electoral Commissioner, as police commissioner, etc, who to promote in the police force( mostly the glorified bag carriers in VIPSU), where the money in the Prime Minister's Fund goes, how many tens of millions of rupees he can allocate to his own office, how much should he himself earn as Prime Minister, and a whole raft of quite insane powers.

Ever known SAJ, Ramgoolam, or Berenger to complain about these outlandish powers held by the Prime Minister? So, don't blame Pravin Jugnauth as if he is the only one to have abused his prime ministerial powers....Zot p suiv procedures, do!

Now, here is something that we all can see every day, except presumably the police, and apart from cursing and gesticulating at our windscreens, there is not much else we can do: The huge amount of toxic fumes from buses especially, lorries, and many motor vehicles.

The law is quite clear on this, but once again, those charged with implementing the law are the traditional 3 dumb monkeys: they see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. I am glad le defi has  devoted a whole dossier to this issue that has been with us since our birth. Have a look at the video in the comments section, and ask yourselves this simple question: This is clearly illegal, so why doesn't the police do anything about it, apart from the odd 'contravention'? 

You drink and drive? No problem, senor! Sleep it off in our lovely cell and you can drive yourself home afterwards. Just be careful with the blood of the victim on your wheels, ok?

You drive with no insurance, no licence, no declaration, no fitness? No problem! Vine la cour dan 5 ans et nou dresse sa! In the meantime, drive at your leisure, mate!

You kill someone with your car? No problem! By the time the case comes to court, you can tell the magistrate that you are now a fine, decent, and upstanding man, and you will walk away with a slap on the wrist. The family of the victim will have to wait for years for any compensation.

It is amazing how so many vehicular crimes are committed every day, and people are still allowed to keep their weapon of destruction. Would you return a knife to someone who has just stabbed you? So, what's the difference, then?

Seen how our beautiful island has rapidly turned into a huge dust bin? We can, but the Environment people and the Councils don't...

The difference is that crime affects mostly people who have no political backing, and hardly ever affects any politician. Most politicians are rich, and live in 'nice, quiet' areas which receive regular patrols from the police. They therefore could not really give a fuck about the hardships suffered by many as a result of the anti social behaviour which seems the norm these days.

In the meantime, continue to breathe in the lovely air from CNT, Rose Hill Transport, United Bus Service, lorries, cars, etc. And if you are a woman who is being battered by an absolute arsehole, remember: Denoncer! Even though you know in your heart of hearts that no one will do anything to extricate you from the hell you find yourself in, apart from some voluntary organisation. 

Because you know that you can't rely on the government, any Mauritian government, to enforce the laws it has itself legislated...Despite them telling you again and again that we live in an etat de droit.

Dimanche 8 Mars 2020

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