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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 29 Novembre 2018

Le defi is excellent at telling us how many mobile phones, USB wires and drugs a prisoner can insert up his arse. Yes, it is really excellent at that. Same as ensuring that we all know how many schoolgirls have been caught with their jambes en l'air, the lurid details of every act of aggression, physical and especially sexual, on our island, carnage on our roads, pictures of marijuana plants in case we don't know what they look like and could mistake them for brede mouroum, domestic violence, incest (always a photo of a white child, because presumably other communities do not commit crimes of this nature...) etc.

Yes, I bow down to their incredible genius in casting their fishing nets in dark, muddy, shallow waters where the worst defects of people are in evidence. They ought to stick to that, because when it comes to plumbing the depths of the sewer, they really are first class. 

And who would want to miss those wonderful radio shows where Nawaaz from St Pierre will ask Nawaaz the most stupid and sycophantic questions imaginable and the great superstar willgng then tell us with all the fake seriousness he can hardly muster that the answer is really so obvious for someone with the immense intellectual powers that he believes he possesses in abundance.

Yes, I have nothing but complete admiration for the immense contribution that le defi and its tentacles have brought to the lowering of standards on this island. 

So, why do they insist on writing pseudo serious articles, esp on BAI/Bramer when we all know that their poisonous agenda is clear? that the articles will be woefully biased and full of distortions and barefaced lies?

Ever seen le defi mention how much its owner and 'redacteur en chef' obtained for the near 50% shares that used to belong to Dawood Rawat? No.

And that would explain why it has again published a load of partisan nonsense, this time about the scandalous decision of Domah and his 2 numpties to cancel yesterday's deposition.

When every decent Mauritian who values fairness, justice, and transparency is bemoaning the terrible decision taken by a judge yesterday, le defi is only interested in the views of the same useless commission.

What is the matter, Eshan Kodarbux? Too ashamed to call Dawood Rawat and ask him for his version in case he asks you what has happened to the hundreds of millions he invested in your company?

I tell you what you ought to do now. As the only argument of certified arseholes against me seems to be about my alleged use of a 'fake profile', this is what you need to do urgently:

1/ Grab any dictionary you can get your hands on and find out the difference between a fake profile, a pseudonym, or a nom de plume. That exercise should be an easy one for someone who often uses pseudonyms like Nemesis, etc, non? Or,perhaps in your restricted language, that is a fake profile that you use whenever required...

2/ Read up about the facts re the destruction of BAI/Bramer before even uttering one word on the matter. I will gladly let you read my posts for the last three years on them, if only to refresh your memory.

3/ Perhaps you could answer this question: Are you competing with Patrick the Prick of le mauricien for the title of Biggest and most useless Prick of the Year? Because le defi and le mauricien seem to be the two main papers (I won't include the long turd known as Inside News in this competition as even MotiNews with its shameless copy/paste is better than that long streak of poisonous bile...) that compete with each other when it comes to telling lies about BAI/Bramer.

Please let us know and we will send you a big plastic dildo as first prize. We look forward very much to you and Patrick the Prick fighting over the real emblem of what you laughingly call your reporting of the 'news'

Jeudi 29 Novembre 2018

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