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I am sure most of you have heard or read "Alice in Wonderland", one of the best known examples of English language fiction written by Lewis Carroll in 1865. It has never been out of print, and has been translated in more than 97 languages, and has also been adapted for stage, screen, radio, art, ballet, and even board games and video games.

Those who have not read it can instead make do with the Mauritian version known as " Malice in Pinokioland". Both stories involve falling into holes...

The Mauritian version goes like this: A PPS, with teeth so big that you worry whether oral sex is as good and enjoyable as many claim it to be, is notorious for looking for attention.

She can always be seen whenever Pravind Jugnauth makes one of his rare public appearances, giving the clear impression that she is always keen to please. She is one of our most proficient table thumpers in the National Assembly, and one worries whether the palm of her hand will not get too coarse and therefore not very pleasurable during intimate moments. Ena bez la! Gro les dents et la main avek cloches sitan tap la tab?

Enter the main actor, stage left. The public recognises him immediately, as he is one of the few individuals in the world who has still not understood the quite basic fact that sunglasses are for your eyes and not for the top of your head!

His only claim to fame is for being one of many individuals who made the Vire Mam video which many credit for LAlliance soi dizan Lepep winning the 2014 elections.....although, like all professional soucerres, he likes to give the impression that it was all his work.

Anyway, as a result of the Vire Mam video, SAJ and his son rewarded him with the CEO's post at something called the Mauritius Film Development Corporation, another one of those orgs created by governments in order to give extremely well paid jobs to their retards. 

Vikram Jootun, for that is the name of the idiot who deludes himself that he is an akter, likes to think that every woman in the world wears itchy knickers that have to be removed in his presence. In steps the PPS Teenah Jutton, and apparently there was a lot of horizontal jogging, counting up to 69, and testing the laws of Physics regarding friction.....

Madam Jootun got to hear about her hubby falling down that particular hole, et ti bien amerde! What does Vikram do? He puts his best sunglasses over his head, contacts the Prime Minister's office, tells them that the Program Manager's post at the so called National Empowerment Foundation has to go to his wife, otherwise he himself will be disempowered at home! Despite the unarguable fact that at least 2 senior coordinators were better qualified and more experienced than Mrs Dunisa Jootun, guess who the chairman of the board, Mrs C, a close friend of our local Steven Spelberg, gave the job to? Yes, Dunisa! And Vikram has got his nissa back at home!

By the way, those two senior coordinators worked throughout the lockdown at the office, whilst Dunisa ti p gagne so nissa at home...But then what else can you expect from an outfit whose CEO is Chaumiere, famous for one thing only: tap/pince la zou of another useless individual in the National Assembly, Sandya Boygah?

Instead of Alice in Wonderland, we now have Malice in Pinokioland, Nomination/promotion kouzin kouzinne, et promotion nepotisme parski mo mari in baisse kilot ene lot fam, et boukou promotion pou ban ki soi ena long la lang, ou ki met yoyo knickers, i.e. knickers which go up and down all day long...

Mardi 29 Juin 2021

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