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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 13 Décembre 2018


I have just read Nad Sivaramen's stupid reply to Dawood Rawat's plea for fairness, truth, and balance in the way the newspapers have been portraying him for decades now.

Before he wrote such a childish reply that sheds no light but plenty of darkness about his motives, I wish Nad had listened to Euripedes' age old advice " Silence is true wisdom's best reply"...especially when he knows that he really has no decent credible answer to the charge that an unfree and not independent press has, with very few exceptions, acted as nothing but the spokesperson of the politicians responsible for the carnage at BAI/Bramer.

Nad does not need me to remind him that before making condemnatory statements in editorials or in newspaper articles, one should at least have the decency to verify the facts first and then publish.

I will give him one example which may be inelegant as it is personal to him as a father and as a human being: When allegations of sexual abuse of his daughter made the front page news, I was among one of the very very few individuals who came out and defended his right to defend himself before so many people stupidly rushed to judgement and accused him of paedophilia.

Did I do that because I am fond of the chap I mock as the GoNad? Did I do that because I like him even mildly or find him interesting? No! I did it because I felt in the marrow of my bones that this was wrong and that no one should be condemned before all the evidence is out or before he had even been provisionally or formally accused.

In other words, I was giving Nad the fairness and justice that we all deserve but which our press in general, including Nad Sivaramen, has failed to show towards Dawood Rawat. Even today, the same people who shout 'Ponzi' because they are so stupid they probably believe it is a new pizza topping, accuse Nad of Paedophilia in the comments section of L'express and online, despite the DPP having found no evidence to substantiate the allegations.

So, he of all people, ought to know how wrong it is to accuse people without any evidence whatsoever or to simply rely on the words of lying, corrupt, thieving politicians...or to revel in the dubious comfort of having the regular commentators on L'Express licking his arse to tell him how wonderful he is by simply repeating the non stop nonsense over BAI/Bramer.

I will address each and every one of the mostly stupid arguments he has put forward which are nothing but a laughable reply to a serious charge of unfairness and bias.  Please consult the link in the first comment so that you yourselves can decide on whether Nad should have written such a stupid and rather unprofessional reply:

1/ (a)DR:  «Des journalistes (…) se permettent de salir mon nom et de me traîner dans la boue.» 

Nad: " Monsieur Rawat, vous êtes bien placé pour savoir que vous pouvez réclamer réparation auprès d’une cour de justice si vous estimez que j’ai sali votre nom. Il existe des tribunaux à Paris ou à Port-Louis à cet effet."

Nad, of all people, ought to know how 'fair' and 'prompt' our courts are to provide justice. How long has it taken the DPP to clear him of the allegations of paedophilia? How many cases is he aware of where the courts have yet to decide long after the police had completed their investigations? Is he telling us that he will write what he wants and it is up to his target to go to court and get a verdict many years after the charge has been laid?

What about the sense of professionalism and journalistic ethics that should compel him to write things that he can prove, or that shows an overwhelming amount of evidence to support his biased, partisan approach, at least as far as BAI/Bramer is concerned?

(b) He then compounds the arrant nonsense in his first reply with a bare faced distortion of the truth, something he is used to whenever he refers to Dawood Rawat or BAI/Bramer. Here is the truth: Dawood Rawat LOST THE CASE IN PARIS BECAUSE L'EXPRESS REMOVED THE OFFENDING ARTICLE AND THE STUPID BHAI LOOKE PICS! So, the magistrate had no choice than to tell Dawood Rawat  " Sorry, the article is not on the internet, it is certainly not online in France. So, I would suggest you sue in Mauritius"...or words to that effect. Isn't this right, Nad? That L'express did not win on the arguments but won because it 'bravely' and quickly removed the article? Brave victory for you, eh?

2/ The second reply is pedantry at its worst. "  si on connaissait les noms des généreux donateurs, si on connaissait les noms des généreux donateurs, on pourrait comprendre comment fonctionne la démocratisation de l’économie à la mauricienne." Really? You and the free and independent press do not know? Ena bez la!  

3/ "DR: «Mais sous votre plume, il n’y a que Dawood Rawat, grand argentier de son ami Dr. Navin Ramgoolam. Oui, je suis son ami et pour cause ! Nos familles se connaissent depuis trois générations.» 

Nad: "Faux, il n’y a pas que Dawood Rawat. Content d’apprendre que vous êtes un ami de Ramgoolam, mais est-ce une raison pour laquelle la Financial Services Commission a fermé les yeux sur vos pratiques expansionnistes. Je vous conseille de lire l’interview de Ramesh Basant Roi."  

The response is childish in the extreme, like the bullied schoolboy in the playground saying in a pitiable voice: "oui, mo kontan ki to kamarade ar li".

Pray tell us Nad, how many times have you or the journalists even heard of the Financial Services Commission, never mind criticising it, until the brainwashing exercise over killing off BAI/Bramer started? As for Basantee Roi, he was so good that even a ti cretin got rid of him.

But in that weird world of yours, if the Jugs have got rid of Basantee, he must be good authority on good banking practices, eh?

I look forward very much to you writing, for example, about the FSC, New Mauritius Hotels, and the scam over shares...a sordid exercise in cover up if ever I have seen one, to the point where Kriti Taukoordass gave in to the threat of a Rs 1 billion libel suit and decided not to complete the investigation a useless FSC asked him to undertake. But then these handful of rich individuals who control almost everything are the right people who can never do any wrong, eh Nad?

4/ DR: " «Il fut un temps où c’était le nom de Rashid Beebeejaun qui était scotché au mien : ‘Beebeejaun, le beau-frère de Dawood Rawat’. Quelle rengaine ! Quelle persistance dans la malveillance et la calomnie.» "

Nad: "Attention à la diffamation, M. Rawat ! "

Haha! You should have instead told us about your long friendship with Saleem Beebeejaun, the wretched rat who left the ship he helped to sink...

5/ DR: "  «Il y a quelques années, j’avais déjà eu l’occasion d’avertir votre patron, Philippe Forget, que son journal s’abaissait au niveau des autres feuilles de chou locales. Force est de constater qu’il n’a guère tenu compte de mon avertissement.» 

Nad: "Pourtant, notre journal est le quotidien le plus lu et le plus apprécié selon plus d’un sondage. N’est-ce pas pour cette raison que vous avez tout fait pour en prendre le contrôle bien avant le scrutin de 2014 ? En vain. Grâce précisément à Philippe Forget, qui a su sauvegarder les intérêts d’une presse libre et indépendante. "

Nad, this is the reply of a sixieme fail who, in lieu of a cogent argument, starts repeating in football supporter fashion, " Nou ki mari!"

But it gets worse because of the lies. Have you got any proof that Dawood Rawat wanted to take control of L'Express? Let me remind those with an objective mind the facts:

Dawood Rawat had bought 12% of the shares of L'Express via the son of ex parliamentarian Edgar Adolphe, who held 20% of the shares . It is good to remind you that the Forget family had at that time only 8% of the shares despite controlling almost everything.

Ask Pipo whether he offered Dawood Rawat a seat on the board as long as the latter did not increase his 12% share of L'Express...

So, from 12% of the shares to ''prendre contrôle" in one fell swoop? Eoula! Dimoune ki boir larak gramatin tanto pa koz menti kumsa!

6/ DR:"  Ce qui est plus grave, c’est que vous faillissiez à votre éthique de journaliste.» 

Nad: " En quoi ? N’ai-je pas le droit d’émettre mon opinion ?"

Oh dear! We are really scraping the barrel now only to find shit under the fingernails, aren't we Nad?

Question: How many times have you or your journalists/zourlanus made any effort to get in touch with Dawood Rawat and asked for his version? Granted, at the beginning, when he was being blackmailed to sell everything he has for one rupee, L'Express and other newspapers did try to contact him. But that was essentially out of sensationalism in order to feed the growing hysteria created by Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, Roshi Bhadain, SAJ in particular. 

But do you seriously think that he would have talked to you or to any zourlanus at the time when so much bilge and nonsense was being written on BAI/Bramer...and usually with the press being spoonfed by those corrupt politicians and the wonderful Basantee Roi, and his daughters and sons in law arrested and facing charges so farcical that it took the DPP 2 years to get off the floor from laughing too much and at last throwing those charges in the bin? 

Now that the hysteria has died down and most of the zombies have realised that 'Ponzi' is not the pizza topping they thought it was, how many times have you yourself personally tried to speak to Dawood Rawat?

7/ Finally, as your other responses are equally stupid and childish, the last one:

DR:"  «Oseriez-vous publier la liste complète des contributions des grands groupes ou les comptes audités des partis politiques ?» 

Nad: "On mène un combat en ce sens pour la transparence depuis des années. Mais il n’est pire aveugle que celui qui ne veut pas voir."

" Combat"? Haha! what fucking combat? I am neither a journalist nor a zourlanus, but simply an ordinary citizen. How come it was I who published the cheques amounting to nearly Rs 20 millions that SAJ, PJ, Soodhun begged from Dawood Rawat? Or the Rs 10 millions to the MMM? How come I was the first one to publish the unpaid bill of the fake Ayatollah for Apollo Bramwell hospital?

Yes, the 'free and independent' press did copy them from my posts, but I am still waiting for you and the 'professionals' to come up with something original about this ''combat pour la transparence".

Why don't you show us how much Dawood Rawat allegedly gave the PTr as you keep repeating that nonsense? Better still, why not tell us about the hundreds of million of rupees given by the handful of rich, white people to our politicians as 'donations'? But then these have never been your target, have they?

As for ''Moi ki en sarz Weekly, pa Touria Prayag", grow up. The tune coming out of that self aggrandising trumpet is discordant and rather grates on the nerves.

At least, Touria Prayag has the merit of being one of less than a handful of journalists who has tried to tell the truth about BAI/Bramer and not simply regurgitated the piss and vomit that corrupt politicians and the extremely rich but oh so sacred cows of the private sector has been feeding our so called 'free and independent' press for decades now.

You ought to be really ashamed of yourself. Not just because of your stupid response. But because you still have the nerve to call our press 'free and independent' when you and so many others have tarnished it with your barely concealed agendas.

Jeudi 13 Décembre 2018

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