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[Paul Lismore] Most pointless acts in Mauritian politics

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 13 Août 2021

1/ Pravind Jugnauth, in the National Assembly, refusing to answer any question and telling the opposition: " Go and say this outside, and you will see what metal I am made of". First of all, the correct word in this context is " mettle", not "metal". Mind you, in your case, it could be 'metal', because most of your expressions are so rusty...

We all know that if there is going to be any court case, Pravind Jugnauth will ask for up to Rs 100 millions in compensation, which means that by the time the case is heard, most of us would be either dead or gone completely doolally.

2/ Whenever a thief mentions 'patriotism', the obvious question from Lepep has to be: "Ene politicien sa, non?" Followed quickly by "Kommien li in kokin nou?" Patriotism remains by far the most useless, pointless, and abused word in Mauritian politics, and is used almost exclusively by thieves and corrupt bastards....

3/ " Mo kontan servi mo pays" which really means " Mo mari kontan kokin sa Lepep Kouyon la!"

4/ " Je suis serein" followed by " Zis Bon Dier koner ki mo inosan", usually uttered by a thief pretending to be a patriot on the very, very rare occasion when he/she is charged with anything. A cynical public now replies with, " To pa serin toi! To ene corbo, to manz tou!". And " Si zis Bon Dier koner ki to inosan, mo esperer Bon Dier pou vine la cour et donne evidence pou kouloute toi, mo ve LKTM!"...

5/ "Nou pu aret Koription! Manze boir, non! Kouzin Kouzinne, non! Tou pou fer dan transparence! Seki in kokin pou bizin paye! Meritokrasi", etc: These are the most pointless slogans of any political campaign, and yet Lepep Kouyon believes that these charlatans will somehow live up to their fake words....And five years later, will again believe them...

6/ But the most pointless act during this political season has to be Nando Bodha's resignation from the MSM he used to love so much...Why, Nando, why? Ki to ti koir pou ariver? Yogida so poussari in kouyonne toi et dire toi si to demissioner, Lepep Kouyon pou mari kontan toi et fer toi vine Premier Ministre? Brylcreem la in enpoizonne to la cervelle kumsa? 

Lepep p enkor atane toi dire exacteman tou ban details lor tou scandale gouvernman 2014 ziska zordi, kan to ti Senior Minister. Ziska ler, ene ferfoute to pa in enkor dire.

Plito to ti res dan gouvernman et kontinier fer seki lezot minstres fer: narien, apart guetter ki commission ena lor ki contrats...Et partaz poubelles et tire fotos, et met lor facebook....
Et koup ene 2 ribans, zis pou amerde nou fesse.

Vendredi 13 Août 2021

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