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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 16 Juillet 2020

I have been informed by quite a few reliable sources that the chap with the face of a cunt and who is in charge of OUR MBC (despite him believing that MBC, pou mari sorma sa...) has asked the little Hitler to " paye meilleur "hackers" pou retrace toi.."

As I can't afford any risks to my family especially, I shall bid you good bye for a while.

Hope all the arseholes who never write anything decent about what is really happening on this island but instead love to tell us how wonderful and caring they are, will now rejoice.

I now fully understand why the renowned journalist from La Reunion, Pierrot Dupuy, recently said this:

" Je ne mettrai plus les pieds à l'ile Maurice. Et j'encourage vivement les Réunionnais à en faire de même. Maurice, sous la houlette du Premier ministre Pravind Jugnauth, est en train de prendre un virage qui commence à sentir sérieusement la dictature."

We have turned into an island of arse lickers, of people whose only ambition is to steal as much as they can from the public purse, of snobs and hypocrites who pretend to be all things to all men but who harbour the same arriviste ambitions as those currently stealing from us, of liars, shysters, and back stabbers.

We are now a country where the police serve the politicians and not the public, where the institutions are there not to serve the public but to obey the diktats of whichever little bastard the people have voted for, where day light robbery and thieving are being committed by the thieves with the effrontery to then accuse others of the same sins that they commit on a daily basis, where the so called watchdogs have had all their teeth extracted and replaced with rupee notes, where the only thing that motivates many people is dirty money.

So, I am gone for a while. Hope those in power realise that history will not be kind to them, despite the sacrilegious work of fake historians to wash over the terrible sins of leaders whose only notion of leadership is to be the first one to dip his dirty hands in our purse.

You enjoy them if you wish. I am taking a break from all this shit. Time to move on to a different world where mediocrity is not the badge of honour that so many wear with so much pride. Adios! 

Jeudi 16 Juillet 2020

1.Posté par zmd le 16/07/2020 22:14
It’s sad to see « zat » we are sewing the lips of « zoz » who dare to warn us of the forthcoming cataclysm and catastrophe.

Comme l’avait si bien dit Sébastien-Roch Nicolas de Chamfort : on laisse en repos ceux qui mettent le feu et on persécute ceux qui sonnent le tocsin.

Can’t wait to read from you again.

From an avid reader of your pen/keyboard

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