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[Paul Lismore] MPH: the three crucial ingredients missing in Mauritian politicians and governments....

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 15 Septembre 2020

MPH: the three crucial ingredients missing in Mauritian politicians and governments....and the 3 ingredients that have made Singapore the success it is today.

For my first post, a video: it is only 5 and a half minutes long, so those like me with a terrible hatred and abhorrence of self important individuals who love to video themselves for so long that it constitutes a form of cruel and unusual punishment on us, can breathe easily...

The video explains to you why Singapore, which started off on almost the same footing as Mauritius in terms of economic and social inertia, is now way ahead of us. There was no magic formula at all. Just intelligent leadership and MPH: Meritocracy, Pragmatism, Honesty. These 3 qualities are tragically missing in Mauritian politicians, our civil servants, our press, in fact throughout our society. 

Listen to how meritocracy does not ignore the true merits of a super intelligent relative of the opposed to Mauritius where the most stupid, illiterate, and backward clan members, often with fake degrees, are nominated or promoted above far more deserving candidates. 

Listen to what happened to a minister being entertained by a businessman....He went to jail, and as the video says in the last section on "Honesty", "What has brought most Third World countries down and what has led to their failures  development has been CORRUPTION....Lee Kuan Yew, when he became PM, made it a point to punish NOT the junior people, but the very senior when a deputy minister is sent to jail, then everybody says, Oops, I have got to be careful, I can also go to jail.....
....That honesty factor is one of the critical reasons why Singapore has been exceptionally successful".

Now, care to remind me of any minister, any politician, any senior civil servant, any senior police officer/customs officer, any judge/magistrate, any senior soucerre of our politicians etc in Mauritius who has spent even 1 day in prison for stealing from us ?

You need any more reasons to explain why Singapore is such a success and why we in Mauritius can't get out of the sewer of corruption, nepotism, dishonesty, and incompetence?
Watch this short video:

Mardi 15 Septembre 2020

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