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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 6 Octobre 2021

The French have a word to describe "Intrigue, manigance, pratique secrète" as in " Il y a eu bien du micmac dans cette affaire."

Ask anyone who has never tasted a so called "patriot's" arsehole what he/she thinks of MIC, and the answer inevitably is " Ban voleurs sa!" An answer which no longer surprises us ever since one Harvesh Seegoolam was appointed Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, simply because he would obey to the letter the most important part of his job description: "Obeir, fer tou seki Padaleksi et ti cretin dire toi, et kan la cuisine apel toi, baisse kalson vite!"

The tragedy is kan li baisse kalson, it is us, Lepep Kouyon, that ends up being fucked by a bunch of ugly bastards competing with the Salmonella, the listeria, and the campylobacter that is now endemic in la cuisine. They all want supremacy in being the most effective poisoner of our society, of our economy, of our people, of everything that once made us proud as a nation.

I am told that within many circles now, it has become a matter of pride for the bastards to show the extent of their wages of sin and to prove how they are more inventive than the others when it comes to stealing our money. Shame has now become non existent, and the only aim in life for many people is simply to become rich by any means possible...and if corruption and stealing from us is the way to do it, believe me when I tell you that many, many people now have made it their ambition in life to steal as much as they can from the full knowledge that a useless police force, a good for nothing ICAC, a court system that is either fast asleep or looks at crime with only one eye open, institutions that are now corrupt to the core, will act as accomplices, willing or otherwise, to those who call themselves "patriots".

Read the 3 articles in the comments section about MIC and the BoM''s latest fiascos, and how our money is being squandered by Harvesh Seegoolam and his mob of incompetent, money grabbing idiots.

It really makes you wish that people like Bheenick, Basant Roi, Maraye, Ramphul, or Beejadhur were still the Bank's governor, despite their own weaknesses, bad judgement (esp re BAI),  and extravagance. They knew what the Bank's independence meant, and that the BoM was not merely a rubber stamp for whatever flights of fantasy or desire to loot suddenly invaded the PM's or Padaleksi's little minds. 

Even Googoolye would have (I hope!) done a better job than the dummies now in charge of the BoM. He was useless, but never as useless as those 3 monkeys currently driving the BoM to bankruptcy.

Mercredi 6 Octobre 2021

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