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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 1 Juin 2020

Yes, Steve Obeedoobeedoo, I am referring to you, as yet again you have plumbed the depths of inhumanity and political stupidity by declaring war on a small vegetable garden tended with loving care and attention since 1991 by Marie Rose Randamy, also known as Melody.

I suppose if her surname had been Ramdanee instead of Randamy, you would have been stupid enough to believe that the lady is somehow related to la cuisine, and therefore it would be prudent to leave her alone....

Yes, there is a terrible problem of homelessness in Mauritius, and unfortunately, it is the poorest, most deprived section of our population who mostly feel the consequences of a housing policy that successive governments have only paid lip service to.

It simply cannot be beyond the means of this comparatively well off nation to ensure that every family has a roof over its head. Yes, houses have been built, but I have often wondered why so much money has been spent on fairly basic houses which should have cost a lot less than the fortunes dished out to 'contractors'. As it is Mauritius, one can safely assume that the excess cost is due to the bribes and commissions that politicians like you expect as part of your normal daily routine....

I saw this headline in this morning's "The Guardian" and I knew for sure that the copy/pasters in government will, for once, never copy what will be happening in the UK in the next year: "England to provide 3,300 homes for homeless after coronavirus. £160m of rough sleeping services budget brought forward to stop return to streets".

You are going to ransack the Bank of Mauritius of over Rs 150 billions of borrowed money, most of which will go to the biggest moaners and whingers on the island, the Super Rich and the Rich.

Will Padaleksi insist that the rich landowners who want a share of that cake have to give up a few acres of their land in order to house the homeless? Will Padaleksi make a conscious effort in his budget to reserve a few billion rupees of that money to give a massive boost to the construction industry by building a few thousand houses in the next year? Or do the Creoles become human beings to you only during electoral campaigns where all sorts of fake promises are made, and served with some rupee notes and a few bottles of alcohol from the dirty bookmaker?

A half decent politician would have looked upon Melody as the ideal citizen who needs the help and support of those in authority: hard working, responsible, with a sense of duty to her neighbours. A less than decent politician would have tried to get out of the hole he has dug himself into by the callous eviction of 'squatters', including babies and children, and not providing them with any shelter afterwards during these cold winter nights.

I'll tell you what a politician with half a brain and some sentiments would have done:

He would have 'used' Melody as an example of how hard work will be rewarded by the government, i.e. those who clearly make the effort to improve their lot will be encouraged and supported by the government, because Ensam nou pou rekonpanse seki fer zefor!

Can you see the lapdogs at the MBC and the various toilet papers that call themselves newspapers drooling at the mouth if they saw you in glorious technicolour shaking Melody by the hand and giving her a lease agreement for a nominal rent?

A lease which, if needs be, will last as long as she lives and the land reverts back to the government then?

But you are not as intelligent or politically savvy as your idiotic admirers like to pretend you are. The last fortnight has shown that your stupidity is exceeded only by your arrogance and that natural look of disdain that seems permanently etched on those features.

Many people get State lands on bail for agricultural purposes, and rightly so, as we cannot afford to have so much food imported from abroad. Politicians and their friends obtain bail on the choicest bits of our State Lands, and have become multimillionaires by simply selling the lease, even before the ink on the contract has dried. These people are thieves, but our stupid laws allow them to get away with it.

You have been talking about 'obeir la loi' recently. Why don't you or ANY politician from ANY party ever mention the lease fraud perpetrated by the thieving serviteurs du pays and their friends? 

Finally, Melody calls you a squatter for your very nice canpman. Care to tell us whether she is right, or are you really the total hypocrite it is our misfortune to see so regularly recently?

Your mother has been organising the Miss Mauritius competition for decades now. If she organises a competition for the most stupid and arrogant minister ever, her son will win hands down....


Lundi 1 Juin 2020

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