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Rédigé par E. Moris le Dimanche 3 Mars 2019

...and many will pay heavy fines and damages for being unable to control their own excitement.

Nothing would have given me greater pleasure than to see a useless Member of Parliament finding himself get into trouble once more because whatever brains he has seem to be located in his lamoresse.

But facts remain facts, and I am afraid the 'evidence' sensationally provided by L'Express, and copied by many in search for some cheap 'like', show nothing more than a white car being driven into a sugar cane field with only the driver in evidence.

I can see no evidence whatsoever that he was in the company of any woman, and even if there had been a woman with him, that would have been no cause for all the sensational nonsense.

Eoula! Zamai zot in fer jig jig dan karo kann, zot? Zamai la paille kann in gratte zot tonkin, mai sitan nissa la fort, pa senti douler la ditou? Vreman ena bez dan sa pays la, avek sa kantite hypocrites la!

This reminds me of the manufactured furore over marijuana, where most people have had a taste of the magic herb in private but pretend to be ever so 'clean living' in public...esp our politicians and our zourlanus.

The reporting of L'Express is even worse, and I am surprised that it has escaped the notice of their zavokas. If a bhai looke video that does not show anything untoward is all the evidence that they have, then the 'learned' people of the courts will be the only one having a huge erection when the amount of damages is  decided...

What does the video show? Absolutely nothing that is incriminating, and everything is to do with "Selon ceux qui ont filmé la scène" Really? And what have they filmed?

ONE person in a car driving into a sugar cane field! Was there a woman? " Le véhicule de Kalyan Tarolah, avec la jeune femme à son bord, y est resté pendant plus de 15 minutes, assurent-ils." Yes, 'assurent-ils", but with not one iota of evidence of any woman in the car that we can see.

As I said, I sincerely hope that L'Express has real proof of the presence of the woman than just relying on 'ceux qui ont filme' when really, they have filmed fuck all. Both Tarolah and the woman have now denied that she was in the car with him, and unless L'Express has real, incontrovertible proof of the presence of this woman, I am afraid both Tarolah and the woman will be very rich in a few years' time.

And even if the woman was with him in the Karo Kann, what business is it of ours unless taxpayers' money was used for this alleged dalliance? But as there does not seem to be any evidence of the woman's presence in the car dan Karo Kann, start saving money for the big compensation claim that will inevitably follow.

And all those 'like' hunters/gatherers on Facebook, the latest amendment of ICTA gives you no way out. So, be careful!

Tarolah, the tongue man, can for once, lick his lips in expectation of the fortune coming his way...but only if L'Express has no evidence to support a rather crap video.

Dimanche 3 Mars 2019

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