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[Paul Lismore] Linion Sitwayin: A breath of fresh air or renewed hope for a desperate Pravind Jugnauth?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 30 Août 2021

Hopefully, people will look at the facts instead of shouting " Pa tousse nou Brino" when they read this...

Yes, it is always good to have a new party in our rather stale world of politics. The huge manifestation a year ago in Port Louis was the incubator for the new party, Linion Sitwayin, to gestate and to finally see life last Saturday as an independent party. Good luck to it.

The forthcoming municipal elections look on paper like an overwhelming victory for the opposition and a whitewash for Pravind Jugnauth's unpopular government. But nothing is ever won on paper, and a useless opposition can't even see the reality looming in front of their eyes: a divided opposition scattering the anti government votes in all directions, and Pravind Jugnauth's party coming from behind with its core vote of chatwas and the easily bribed to win an unlikely victory.

That eventuality is now more likely, with the advent of Linion Sitwayin, and its chipping away at the electorate that traditionally vote for the MMM and the PMSD.

Make no mistake about it: Whether by accident or by design, Bruneau Laurette has somehow managed to estrange the votes of the Hindus, and now seems condemned to eat into the traditional electorate of the MMM and the PMSD. Whether the PTr can retrieve enough Hindu, Muslim, and Creole votes is another matter, and its reliance on boring press conferences (same as the MMM and the PMSD) is unlikely to win it any new voters.

So, the municipal elections which a united opposition was guaranteed to win now looks very much to be in the balance, with Linion Sitwayen providing an indirect but much needed hand to the MSM. 

Don't blame Bruneau Laurette! He has every right to form a new political party and join the political scene. Blame the opposition parties instead. They really are a useless bunch of arseholes with massive egos who believe the world would be in a terrible mess if they were not around...They are supposedly intelligent people who simply cannot see the reality even if it bit them in their arses. 

Berenger's ill mannered and quite stupid decision to tell the PTr which leader it should have has caused terrible damage to the opposition. Linion Sitwayin will inadvertently make the MSM stronger during the municipal elections...

Et zot ena toupee apel Pravind Jugnauth le ti cretin? Sel cretin ki mo p truver, sirtou avek elections minicipales dan coin, c ban lopposition. San fer narien, Jugnauth ena sans gagne sa election la, akoz lopposition en fesse net.

Kouma Berenger kontan dire li meme, shame lor zot! Et mo azoute, ban FLZMM!

Lundi 30 Août 2021

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