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[Paul Lismore] Let our people return home !

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 11 Mai 2021

You insensitive, useless, thieving bunch of indescribable morons in government! What can be so difficult about putting some of the Air Mauritius planes gathering rust at Plaisance in the air and bringing back our citizens stuck in foreign lands through no fault of theirs?

Other countries have done it and are still doing it. I bet you would do it if your own brats / knuckle dragging relatives were abroad and wanted to come back to Mauritius in order to spend some of Daddy's stolen loot....

We have our brothers and sisters from Rodrigues stuck here in Mauritius for the last 3-4 months. Why? What on God's earth can be so difficult than to let them use the tickets that they have already bought and allow them the basic human need of being in their homes with their families? Are you really that cruel, that devoid of any humanity that sadism has become second nature to you?

We have Mauritian citizens stuck in Reunion, and debating which pavement in front of which big store would be more comfortable for their weary bodies to spend the night on. How insensitive, how inhumane can you be? You send loaded planes to Reunion island and you allow them to come back empty?

A special place in Hell has been reserved for the bastards responsible for such inhumanity.
We have citizens, especially elderly ones, stuck in the UK and Europe for months now because their planes had been cancelled by you. Don't tell me because you are trying to control Covid, you moron!

You are quite happy to bring in Indian workers even when India is suffering from a grotesquely massive infection rate, and you don't care whether the Indian variant will come with them or not. And you have the audacity to prevent our citizens from returning home?

As for our embassies, High Commissions, Consulats sipaki ggtri, close the useless places down! They are worse than useless, staffed by your fat, ugly cousins and genetic throwbacks...Next time you wish to employ anyone in those embassies, train them how to use a phone because the cunts currently there do not seem to know....and desperate Mauritians are hanging on for hours in the hope that someone will at least answer the phone.

As for the fake Hajee, the bastard Satar who did his boss Pravind's dirty work and got Dawood Rawat to part with all his assets worth billions of rupees for ONE RUPEE, one can only hope that before he sends Air Mauritius to the big airplane cemetery, he will find a small ounce of decency in that horrible face to send some planes as soon as possible in order to rescue our citizens.

But I doubt they will do it. These bastards have no humanity in them, no decency, nothing. The only God they pray to is the one which brings them as much money as they can possibly steal from us.

Incredible Mauritius! Where planes and ships bring in any drug imported by you know who, but refuse to bring our citizens back home! 

I would say, Shame on you, but you don't have any shame, you Besharam pieces of shit!

Mardi 11 Mai 2021

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