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[Paul Lismore] Lessons from Mother India to the thieving "patriots" pontificating about Chota Bharat...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 3 Août 2020

" Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it"....Mark Twain.

Real patriots defend the interests of their country all the time, irrespective of party politics or what others tell you. That is real patriotism, the sincere feeling of country first and always first, and then your political preferences.

Fake patriots defend a government even when it condones and encourages thieving in broad daylight on a massive scale and its crazy policies are driving us to an almost certain bankruptcy. These are not even fake patriots, they are the enemy of the people.

We no longer have any independent institutions on this island. They have all been taken over by la cuisine and held hostage by nominees with no morals, no principles, no concept at all of the national interest or their duties and obligations to the state.

They have only one thing in mind: steal, steal, and steal some more whilst professing deep loyalty to the idiots who nominated them in the first place. All our institutions are now in the firm grip of incompetent people who have no notion of democracy, the rule of law, or the national interest at all. 

Some people still insist on telling me that the judiciary and our 'free and independent' press remain our only defenders of democracy and of the rule of law, and I only have to think of the MBC, Wazaa, Insane News, and of the army of zourlanus polluting the noble world of journalism to know that they are woefully wrong.

I look at the gross mismanagement of the justice system, the incredible delays in completing any court case, the often quite insane verdicts given by so called 'learned' people to know that our justice system is ill, completely unaccountable, and embedded in a toxic relationship with arcane practices that should never have any role in any respectable justice system. T

he verdict in Iqbal Toofany's case leads me to believe that in our island, even if you are caught with your hands dripping in blood and holding a knife next to a corpse, the chances are if you have a lawyer with the right connections and a court  with an obsessional adherence to the anachronism of antiquated laws and practices, you will walk free....

Fake patriots have now resorted to scraping the barrel by pretending to be our great defenders of Hindus and of Hinduism, when the evidence is there for everyone to see that the only Hindus they love to protect and to enrich are themselves, their relatives, and a few soucerres hanging on to their coat tails.

If that fails, then the fake patriots will bring India into the argument, even when we know that these hypocrites love to spend their holidays in the UK and Europe, and visit India only when the elections are due, and they feel out of desperation that a visit to an Indian Longaniste/Guru/ treter would be more beneficial to their chances of reelection than a visit to the local bullshitters....

So, let me try to show them how India still has lawyers and judges who are willing to put their heads above the parapets in order to do what is right for the country.

We all know that the Indian Electoral Commission and the Indian Supreme Court would most certainly have reacted strongly and in a timely manner to the corrupt way our elections were organised in November 2019; the MBC would have been closed down and many of the rags created by Lee Shim and co would have been heavily fined for all the blatant lies and bias they published.

Here, the Electoral Commissioner and a heavily politicised Electoral Services Commissioner saw nothing and did nothing, even when some weird and unapproved computers were whirring in the back rooms of the counting offices...and the Mauritius Supreme Court apparently considers our basic democratic right to choose who should represent us as not sufficiently important for it to deal with the electoral petitions as a matter of national emergency.

Just to remind their Lordships: during their 10 months of gratter senti, our national debt has risen to almost Rs 400 billions! Now, imagine if the electoral petitions turn out to be successful and in the meantime, an illegitimate government has lumbered us not only with that enormous debt, but has plundered the Bank of Mauritius out of Rs 180 billion rupees....Well done, Your Lordships!

In Mauritius, our courts have become rubber stampers for the insane provisional charges brought by the police. I have never heard any judge actually question the constitutionality of the illiberal laws brought under ICTA, or the absolutely sacrosanct and constitutional right of freedom of expression.

No judge or magistrate has ever asked a police officer or the prosecution: " Is the politician making that complaint really that sensitive? I have heard them make far worse comments themselves, you know..."

In reply to a contempt notice issued to him by the Indian Supreme Court, noted civil rights lawyer Prashant Bhushan has said " Expressing opinion or bona fide anguish, however outspoken, disagreeable or unpalatable, cannot constitute contempt amounting to scandalising the court...

Chief Justice is not the court, and raising issues of concern regarding the manner in which a CJI conducts himself during ‘court vacations’, or raising issues of grave concern regarding the manner in which four CJIs have used, or failed to use, their powers as ‘Master of the Roster’ to allow the spread of authoritarianism, majoritarianism, stifling of dissent, widespread political incarceration, and so on, cannot and does not amount to ‘scandalising or lowering the authority of the court...

The law of contempt is not made for the protection of judges who may be sensitive to the winds of public opinion. Judges are supposed to be men of fortitude, able to thrive in a hardy climate....Freedom of speech and expression was the “ultimate guardian” of values upheld in the Constitution."

Mr Bushan goes on to say that " The first part of the tweet contains my considered opinion that democracy has been substantially destroyed in India during the last six years. The second part is my opinion that the Supreme Court has played a substantial role in allowing the destruction of our democracy and the third part is my opinion regarding the role of the last four Chief Justices in particular in allowing it,” that the citizens in a democracy had every right to freely and fairly discuss the state of affairs of an institution and build public opinion in order to reform the institution. 

He concluded his petition by stating that " several retired Supreme Court judges had expressed concern about the stifling of dissent. He recalled that Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, a serving judge of the Supreme Court, had expressed his anguish at the manner in which dissent was labelled as anti-national. He said four then Supreme Court judges had warned about the danger to democracy in an unprecedented press conference they called in January 2018."

Now, can you imagine any of our Mauritian lawyers, current judges or ex judges, current Chief Justice or ex Chief Judges repeating what the Indian Supreme Court Judges said? Not even in your wet dreams, I am afraid...

Finally, as mentioned above, he believes that "democracy has been substantially destroyed in India during the last six years." Now, think of another country where another government has been in power for the last 6 years and how its democracy is now in the Intensive Care Unit....And how its Supreme Court still acts as if all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds....

Chota Bharat nahin! Chota lespri, yes, you fake patriots!

Lundi 3 Août 2020

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