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[Paul Lismore] "Le Grand Oral": The annual sex encounter which only Padaleski and the Chatwas enjoy

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 11 Juin 2021

Yes, folks, Budget is that time of the year where our zourlanus get all wet and enjoy massive erections simply by using and abusing the word "oral".

It is really quite amazing how so called educated people who claim to be professional end up playing their disk rayes as soon as the word " Budget" automatically leads to the Pavlovian response of "Grand Oral"...The reality is that almost every budget by every party since independence has ended up in the majority of the population being well and truly fucked.

The naive and gullible amongst you will be expecting even someone as arrogant and useless as Padaleksi to be aware of our dire economic circumstances and to therefore take the palliative measures that our failing economy demands. He won't. There will be no decrease of any significance in the huge amount of taxpayers money being wasted/stolen by the "patriots"; all the so called entitlements and privileges of the politicians and their soucerres will remain untouched: criminally exorbitant salaries, duty free monstrosities on our roads, free this, free that, and all sorts of freebies and entitlements that only psychopaths in the most rabid phases of their illnesses could have thought of will continue to be showered on the shits in this island.

Padaleksi will do nothing to deal with the major problem faced by hundreds of thousands of our citizens: to buy enough food to feed their families. He will do nothing to dismantle the cartels that have poisoned our lives with immorally high profit margins. He will NOT open the import markets and destroy the cartels which keep prices artificially high.

Remember the Pilchards test I have been mentioning for over a decade now? Why does the same tin of Glenryck cost more in Mauritius than in Europe when the freight distance is far less? The same applies to many other food items whose prices are kept artificially high so that politicians can cream off some of the huge profits that cartels make at our expense.

Reduce ministers', politicians', Presidents' and Vice Presidents' salaries and pensions? Drastically reduce the salaries and entitlements of all those vermins known as "nominations politiques"? Eoula! Ban patriotes sa! Kan Padaleksi pou fer so grand oral, zot tou zot la guele pou ouver gran pou welcome li...
There will be one or two rather insignificant juicy bits for our zourlanus to orgasm over, and for the gogotologues and sousoutologues to masturbate over in those vile things known as radio "interviews/discussions"

But nothing will change to make the lives of the poor even marginally more bearable. That is the nature of the beast, I am afraid. Politicians servi nou pays by serving themselves first is unfortunately the sad reality of our lives since independence.

Vendredi 11 Juin 2021

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