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[Paul Lismore] Last chance for Roopun to show us that he is President Roopun of Mauritius..and not President Baigan of Lakwisin

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 21 Mai 2023

[Paul Lismore] Last chance for Roopun to show us that he is President Roopun of Mauritius..and not President Baigan of Lakwisin
He has been by far the most disappointing President of this island in our short history as a republic. He has never shown any of the class or stature that one would expect a Head of State to exhibit on the rare occasions that he makes a public appearance. (incidentally, neither have many of the ex Presidents and ex Vice Presidents....).

Sadly, he has become a figure of ridicule, and I hold my hands up for nicknaming him President Baigan due to the close resemblance of his face to a gato brinzel, and having a personality less exciting and stimulating than the gato brinzel he closely resembles...

He is supposed to be the custodian, the guardian of our Constitution, and yet we have never heard him or seen him do anything to protect that Constitution. When our civil liberties are being eroded on a daily basis, when the police behave more like the private army of a la kwizinne that he knows so well, he keeps schtumm...Any repressive laws that the government passes, we know he will sign them without any problem. A rubber stamp would have had more personality and cost a lot less than the Rs 400,000 minimum tax free we pay him every month, plus a life long pension of at least Rs 300,000 monthly tax free together will all sorts of immoral privileges like limousines/chauffeur/secretary etc for life at our expense...Something which all our ex presidents and ex Vice Presidents happily gobble up every month....

This is his one and only chance for him to show us that he is a real President and not merely a chatwa who was nominated as President. He is a lawyer and he ought to read the recent judgement of the Privy Council which found the government of Trinidad and Tobago to have acted unconstitutionally when it refused to hold local elections by suspending them for another 2 years.

Will President Roopun do the decent thing and refuse to approve the decision of the idiots and chatwas in the Legislative Assembly to suspend local elections for another 2 years? Instead of councillors elected by the people to be in office for a maximum of 6 years, will he allow them to stay for 10 years without the approval of the electorate? Does he think that this is real democracy? 

If he rubber stamps this latest assault on our democracy, he will confirm his ignominious 
 status as the worst President in our history. He would have proven once and for all that he indeed is the King of the Chatwas, someone without any original ideas in his head but who always obeys all instructions from la kwizinne. A real brinzel could have filled that position easily and cost us only Rs 45 a kilo...Instead of a gato brinzel who is extorting at least Rs 5 millions tax free every year from us for rendering a service only to la kwizinne and not to the nation that will keep him in luxury for the rest of his life.

So, President Roopun , will you at last act as the President of this island and defend its constitution? Or are you that useless that you would rather continue to be the President Baigan that almost everyone mocks? The choice is yours.

A real man would know what to do...Someone who consistently behaves like a kalchoul in la kwizinne won't....

The Numeros Uno and Secundo of our republic: Baigan and Seasonal Wood...

Dimanche 21 Mai 2023

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