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[Paul Lismore] La lettre de dénonciation,"anonyme", ki fer ene serie d'allégations sur AGF...written by the adviser to the PM

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 4 Juillet 2020

Kan mo dire zot ki vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la, koir moi! You simply will not believe this, but it is true about this conspiracy to tarnish the reputation of the President of the Republic by the Prime Minister himself, his absolutely useless Attorney General, and an adviser who perhaps should have remained the air hostess he used to be as he apparently was a real mover and shaker with his mean Sex on the Beach cocktail...

These are the facts as explained by Pravind Jugnauth and which  Murvind Beetun has kindly compiled for Top fm.

I must admit that someone had already tipped me off about this yesterday morning, but I found the idea of a Prime Minister in a so called democracy conspiring with his Attorney General and a crap adviser to zette la bou on the President of the Republic to be quite difficult to believe. 

This is a transcript of what Pravind Jugnauth said:

" Mo in gagne ene lettre, ene lettre de denonciation ki fer ene serie de ban allegations....seki moi mo in fer, mo in refer sa lettre la tou de suite a ICAC pou fer lenket. Parmi sa ban allegations la, li koz lor utilisation carte platinum par Madam Amina Gurib Fakim, p koz lor ban circonstances ki entoure les licences bancaires obtenu par Sobrino. P fer ban allegations p dire eski personalites in recevoir faveurs, parmi p koz villas ou ban biens immobiliers. Moi mo in refer a ICAC, ICAC pou fer lenket"

Amina Gurib Fakim did attend ICAC not on that 'anonymous' letter but on how Sobrino obtained VIP status at Plaisance. We know that it is the PMO that has sole authority for granting VIP status to arseholes...Anyway, the 'anonymous' letter was NEVER disclosed by ICAC, which makes one wonder why...

Well, this is why:

The 'anonymous' letter was written by none other than the air hostess himself, now Senior adviser to the PM! According to ultra reliable information, this 'anonymous' letter by the ex air hostess was vetted by the Attorney General before being sent to the Prime Minister! And here's the clincher! There is no official record whatsoever that the Prime Minister received that letter!

Now, all letters to the PM are officially logged, but for some obscure reason which I am sure you can all guess, there is no official record of that letter. There is no evidence whatsoever that all those very serious allegations against Amina Gurib Fakim were put to her when she was interviewed. Which raises two obvious questions:

1/ Was the letter indeed sent to ICAC? If it was, then ICAC has once again shown a scandalous dereliction of duty by not confronting Amina Gurib Fakim with those allegations. But if it was not, then one can certainly understand why ICAC did not ask any questions about a letter that does not seem to exist at all.

2/  Pravind Jugnauth said that "mo in refer lettre la a ICAC, ICAC pou fer lenket". He should either now sack the idiot in charge of ICAC for doing nothing (as usual...) or do the impossible for him which is to come clean and say " Sorry, mo ti koz menti! Ki mo pou fer, mo ene politicien et mo ene zavoka, tou les 2 jobs dimane expertise dan koz menti, et alor mo expert dan koz menti." 

Ramgoolam mentioned this last night, but did not provide the details you will find in this post.

As history seems to be repeating itself once again over a so called "confidential"letter which in this case was 'anonymous' too, one has to ask whether the 'letter' from BAD exists also...Or is this government so determined to win the gold medal in zette la bou that I would not be surprised at all if tomorrow Pravind Jugnauth brandishes another 'anonymous.confidential' letter to say that Paul Lismore is a porn star and uses his 12" dick to make an absolute fortune....

If I were Amina Gurib Fakim, I would seriously consider using the favourite weapon of Pravin Jugnauth and sue him for libel. He will then have to provide that 'letter' as evidence and explain why no one else apart from himself, the ex air hostess, and the Attorney General have seen that manufactured letter. Berenger should perhaps do the same thing too, as I advised him some two weeks ago...

As for the Attorney General with the face of an old, shrivelled up pussy, can anyone remember anyone worse than him as AG? Even Ravi Yerrigrodoudou was better, and that is saying something!

Arvind Boolell should ask in the National Assembly whether this 'anonymous' letter is indeed recorded in the log book. The PM will take 20 minutes to answer about the price of dal puris and how gato piman aster pa parey kouma avan, and then gave him his famous reply: I don't know, I am not aware, mujhe nahin samja, zot p fer demagozi!

Samedi 4 Juillet 2020

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