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[Paul Lismore] " LE SENTIMENT DU DEVOIR ACCOMPLI", says Chana Puri..

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 27 Novembre 2019

In return, we the taxpayers will show our gratitude until the day they die, and even afterwards with their surviving spouses, although no one asked us whether it would be ok for us to feed parasites until the day Moura and Co calls...

According to the President's Emoluments and Pensions Act, 1992, passed by a MMM/MSM government and condoned and supported by successive PTr/PMSD governments and by ALL politicians, Section 4 of that Act stipulates that EVERY retiring President and Vice President receives a monthly pension equivalent to 2/3 of their normal pay FOR LIFE, and it is all TAX FREE.

A retiring President or VP is also ENTITLED to the service of a clerk/typist, an office attendant, a chauffeur driven limousine FOR LIFE and entirely at taxpayers' expense.

When a President or VP dies, his spouse will receive the 2/3 pension for one year after death, and a 50% pension for the remainder of the spouse's life.

In real terms, this means that:

1/ Our first President, Veerasamy Ringadoo, was in office for 110 days only, but had a stupendous Presidential pension and privileges for life. When he died, his wife received all those freebies...

2/ Cassam Uteem was President for just under 10 years. His 27 years as President and retired President has cost us so far approximately Rs 70 millions in pay and pensions and his contribution to the Treasury is NIL. Add the cost of 24 hour police guard, a chauffeur driven limousine, secretary/typist/attendant, all at public expense....Don't forget the 'missions' and the juicy per diem over all those years.

3/ Karl Offman was President for under two years, and his ''devoir accompli" over those months has so far cost us Rs 45 millions approx plus all the other privileges. He too has a clerk/typist, although we have yet to see even one word written by him. Contribution to the Treasury: NIL.

4/ Sir Aneerood Jugnauth: President for under 9 years. We have so far given him around Rs 45 millions, plus all the other privileges. This man has not bought a car since 1976, because we have been giving him a chauffeur driven limousine for the last 43 years, with petrol allowance, police bodyguard, etc...His contribution to the Treasury? He also draws an obscenely high Prime Ministerial pension....

5/ Kailash Purryag: President for under 3 years, and has so far taken some Rs 18 millions plus all the other benefits. All TAX Free of course.

6/ Ameenah Gurib-Fakim: President for under 3 years and has been drawing a total of approx Rs 10 millions so far, plus all the other benefits. No wonder she needed a Platinum card pou fer la cuisine rouler...

7/ Barlen Vyapoory: President for less than 2 years but has a golden future ahead of him. He is only 74 years old, and his luxurious living conditions should ensure that he continues to draw his Tax Free pension and other privileges for another 20 years..

Add to the above, the enormous pay, pension, and privileges for the biggest non job in the world, the Vice President of Mauritius. These people or their surviving spouses will receive stupendous pensions and privileges from the taxpayer until the day they die. Individuals like Rabindrah Ghurburrun, Angidi Chettiar, Raouf Bundhun, Monique Ohsan Bellepeau.

In the old days, we used to say, " A pet is for life, not just for Xmas". In Mauritius, Lepep Kouyon has learnt that a President is not only for life in terms of money and privileges we give them until they die, but their spouses are for life too! It is the reverse of "Buy one, get one free!".

In Mauritius, the politicians tell the taxpayer " we will impose someone on you for a few months, perhaps a few years. But keep him for life! And as a bonus, you can maintain his spouse in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to...And there is fuck all you can do about it!"

Politicians of ALL parties do not want to stop this terrible waste of taxpayers' money. Why? Because they too hope that one day they will receive this once in a lifetime, rollover lottery jackpot winning ticket known as the Presidency and Vice Presidency of a little island that thinks it is a democracy but shows all the instincts of a dictatorship.

Still, it is always nice to see ex Presidents who contribute fuck all to the Treasury pontificate about poverty and human rights...

Mercredi 27 Novembre 2019

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