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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 5 Mai 2019

I have written many, many times on law and order and decried the terrible service provided by the police, the courts, and the hypocritical, selfish politicians with their empty words and hardly any meaningful action.

This means that we have not had the in depth reforms in the criminal and legal system, apart from some cosmetic changes here and there, that the population has been demanding.
The reasons for such criminal inaction and the sadistic oversight of a justice/criminal system in terminal failure? It is due to the corrupt mentality and degenerate culture of people in politics and those in the most senior positions in our country: "Mo korek moi! I am all right, Jack!"

Yes, they are korek because they have taken huge numbers of our police officers to act as their personal chauffeurs, bodyguards, child minders, and to do their shopping for them. It is these officers, especially those from VIPSU, SSS or whatever the 'security' services are called, who will get rapid promotions despite knowing next to fuck all of the ABC of the job and the realities in our streets.

These will be the leaders of a police force crying out for leadership, and for a commissioner of police who does not feel obliged to stick superglue on his tongue whenever he licks the arse of whoever happens to be Prime Minister.
Despite this, the police manages to catch the criminals, especially the violent ones, the psychopaths who believe women are their property and therefore can be used as a punch bag whenever they feel like it, the rapists and sex maniacs, those who leave an indelible mark on the souls of innocent victims. What happens next, once they have been arrested?

The most vile ones will, once a psychopathic zavoka has turned up, claim that "I confessed because of police brutality" (never mind all the evidence pointing to the guilt of the bastard, it is this one that the Yuman rites vultures will concentrate their minds on).

The psycho will then be taken to court where the magistrate faced with an enormous case load will cuit vider, and release him on bail. If the chap is unlucky, he will be remanded to police custody/jail for a few days before his Yuman Rites are inevitably recognised and he is released, free to again cause havoc in the family or community he has been tormenting and who had hardly had time to breathe a sigh of relief for his much needed absence. This scenario applies to almost any crime, irrespective of the severity of the offence, and especially if some cunt of a politician calls and tells them " Mo dimoune sa!".

Mauritius remains one of the few countries in the world where people accused of gross and grievous bodily harm or even murder will be released on bail a short time after arrest. And, nine times out of ten, charges of murder will be mysteriously reduced to coups et blessures without intent to kill, which means a much shorter sentence.
As for underage sex, I get the clear impression that our magistrates share the mentality of the oiks who love to give us their neanderthal views in the comments section of our newspapers, esp L'Express: " So di fe ti fort! Kan to ti gagner, to ti bien zouir! In bien gagne bon, aster p plaigner!" And the worst ones, which betray an incredible ignorance of the law which is perhaps shared by some magistrates and zavokas: " Bizin ferm tifi la oussi! To ti kontan donner!"

These people really need to understand that it does not matter whether "li ti gagne bon or not" (how would you know anyway? Ti p fer bhai looke?). You cannot in law give consent if you are under 16! Therefore, any sexual activity with anyone under 16 is illegal, despite the incredible leniency of our mazistras, where 180 hours of so called 'community service' is meant to be a terribly hard punishment which will deter others from preying on young people....
Yesterday, our lovely Prime minister, who now wants to present himself as the defender of the fairer sex, said " Mwa mo konserné par ou sékirité, sékirité bann zanfan et bann madam.»"

Today, I read that a 38 year old victim of terrible domestic violence, who has become blind due to a caustic soda attack, has to beg for " des denrées alimentaires, un lit, un matelas, un set d’appareils sanitaires, aussi bien que des vêtements d’hiver tel qu’un jacket pour son fils. Et sa plus grande demande est d’avoir un toit à elle pour assurer l’avenir de sa famille."

You see, she was working hard and saving for a NHDC house, but the actions of that nasty brute have meant that she can no longer work and " les officiers de la NHDC m’ont dit que c’est maintenant impossible pour moi d’obtenir une maison en raison de mon handicap et que de plus, je ne travaillais plus. » .
But don't worry, madam, the 4000 cameras of Pravin Jugnauth and his Metro, etc pou fer ou gagne satisfaction, as he keeps promising.
And be happy that the psychopath who used to batter you and eventually blinded you was freed by the court shortly after his horrific act. You see, his Yuman Rites are far, far more important than your hurt, your suffering, and your terrible handicap for life. He has been free for the last 3 years and the chances are that he will get a short sentence when the case is eventually tried.
Don't forget to be grateful for our etat de droit, where our PM cannot stop talking about madames et tifi.....but victims of domestic violence, invariably women and tifi, still get a very raw deal from our so called justice system.

Dimanche 5 Mai 2019

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