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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 10 Juillet 2021

Il était une fois, dans une île paradisiaque, Au bout du Monde; Un lieu où il y a pas que les faveurs qui sont bondées et rondes  Pas que les intérêts et motivations personnelles qui se sondent et qui ,en bon copinage,se fondent…  Mais tout un voisinage avec des valeurs plutôt suspects , qui abondent et inondent. Là-bas, l’élite de notre bas-monde, ils vivaient en plé bout du Monde...

Every week we see this re L'Express Leaks: " l'express vous dévoile ici ce que les autres vous cachent." You then go through a list of different topics that arouse your interest but which hardly tell you anything specific. It is as if they are telling you, " Zot in gagne ene ti boutte, al demerde zot aster!". Reminds me of the awakening sexual desires of teenagers where the raging hormones quite often lead to conversations along these lines:

" Mo kontan to maniere. To zoli". If the response is positive, after a while, the conversation goes like this: " to bien zoli! To zenou oussi bien zoli. Risse to jupe ene ti p pli la o, to koner mo kontan toi" followed some time later with, "To ena zoli la cuisse. mo sire to met zoli kilot. Laisse mo guetter". This tends to be followed by the bucket of ice known as " Kissa? Mo pou dire morma ki pou dire torma et laissse zot 2 kass to kiwi! Malelve!"

I am afraid L'Express Leaks tends to have the same effect on me, where the end result of its stories hardly ever match the excitement at the beginning. Take today's article about the CEB as an example, and ask yourselves: Why not mention the name of the individual? What is the point of the article otherwise?

" L’autre construction ‘au bout du monde’. Décidément, ce morcellement fait parler de lui. Après les constructions remarquées entreprises par l’ex-ministre Soodhun et le CEO Sherry Singh par des constructeurs proches du pouvoir, voilà une autre maison, qui suscite des commentaires. Un haut cadre d’un corps parapublic, qui brasse des milliards, a fait l’objet d’une lettre de dénonciation au «Prime Minister’s Office» et à la «Financial Intelligence Unit». Il se pourrait aussi que l’«Integrity Reporting Services Agency» soit alertée sur le cas de ce fonctionnaire, qui a trois voitures de luxe et une maison en construction, au coût de Rs 50 millions, loin des regards, au bout du monde…"

Now, we all know that Au Bout du Monde has become the place for the super rich, for politicians and ex politicians, for the thieves who hover around politicians, and for the most corrupt individuals in Mauritius to build and live in opulent mansions that betray a lack of appreciation for aesthetics and brilliance in simplicity. There might be a few decent individuals who also live there, but by and large, most decent people always ask this question when informed that someone lives Au Bout Du Monde, " Ein! Kot li in kokin so kass li?"

So, why does L'Express stop at the thighs and refuse to show us the kilot? Why refuse to tell us that Chavan Dabeedin is "Un haut cadre d’un corps parapublic, qui brasse des milliards" and that he is the one building his mansion at Au bout Du Monde"? Why not tell us that he is the Big Knob at the Central Electricity Board ---yes, the organisation supposedly owned by us but that loves to circulate Rs 700 millions of our money between Danish and Mauritian corrupt bastards?

Why not tell us that Dabeedin resigned in 2010 as DG of CEB following the scandal of LED light bulbs that refused to emit any light, because they were counterfeit Chinese bulbs? That 'little' incident cost Lepep Kouyon Rs 23.3 millions....But if there is one skill that we have perfected in Mauritius, it is that of Chatwaism....the ability to stick your tongue into any orifice as long as the owner of the orifice is in government. Dabeedin used to be solid PTr, but as soon as Lallians soidizan Lepep came to power in 2014, he became Transmission and Distribution Manager at CEB, a post where he distinguished himself in 2016 by wasting over Rs 10,000 over a meal for our expense of course.

Last year, Dabeedin bought himself a barely used CEB owned Mercedes for the ludicrous sum of Rs 478,000, after bidding Rs 223 more than the next bidder! Is that incredible luck or the usual shit smell of corruption again? 

Anyway, the man has form and he will fit in very nicely as a neighbour to our new prince, Sherry Maharajah, in Au Bout Du Monde.

I often wish I could share the view of ban la tete kokom who believe the world is flat, so that we can then push the thieves from Au Bout du Monde off the planet.. Don't you?

Samedi 10 Juillet 2021

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