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[Paul Lismore] Kifer fam et tifi pa peur Pravind Jugnauth toussel dan ene la sam...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 22 Septembre 2021

Remember how some people were very annoyed when Pravind Jugnauth asked women and their daughters " Si zot tousel dan ene la sam ar sak leader de ban parti politik la, dir mwa avec kisanla ou pou pli santi ou pli en sekirite ? Dir mwa !"

I am afraid they misunderstood what Pravind Jugnauth was trying to say. They have overlooked the subliminal messages that a Freudian analysis of his message clearly show..

The hidden meaning behind this fantasy is of course, " Avek moi, Pravin Jugnauth, mo tousel kapav satisfer zot! Because I am Mr Boombastic, luva luva Boy Pravind who will reach the parts that others can't"... He is so proud of his prowess that he tells us almost everyday, without any kata kata, "Mo p fer! Mo pou fer li! Zot kapav kont lor moi pou gagne satisfaction!"

Every night, after a nice drop of sherry, and whilst lying in bed, our toothy Casanova is dreaming of his next speech and how to convince the female electorate that he knows how he will handle them, caress their egos, whisper the manifesto whilst penetrating their souls....

He will dream of their juices flowing and their resolve hardening when he tells them: " Mo koner pays a zenou, mai koir moi, mo ene expert lor fer zafer kan a zenou...Anglais apel sa "knee trembler", mo kwar, mai moi, mo truver ki kan a zenou, mo kapav sanz position et fer nou diboute lor nou li pied kan nou p fer progre, et nou p rant full full dan paradi ekonomik.

Problem exister oui, mai zot koner ki zot pou feel so good when I am on top of them. Mo pran tou mo letan, moi. Mo pa kouma lezot moi, nek rantrer, bouz bouzer fer ene ti tapaz, et aprer role fini! Yes, babes, I will deal with the situation slowly and take my time so that you can appreciate and enjoy all my efforts in trying to please you. But, if you prefer, I can be be quick too, in the same way I got those Covid contracts out so quickly.... I am here to servi ou et en mem tan servi nou pays.

Laisse mo dire zot, Mo pa peur personne! I will enter into any dark hole and prove to you that there is nothing that I won't do to please you...I will thrust myself as deep as I can whenever the situation demands it, and you will see how much I will probe every opening in order to make your life better.. I am sure you will squirt me with all the affection that you feel for me...

For you, I promise I will penetrate every mysterious hole in order to please you. Lor fouy trou, pena personne pli bon ki moi! Parole donnee, parole sacree! 

Mercredi 22 Septembre 2021

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