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[Paul Lismore] Katori amerde zot? La mort ene dimoune, korek sa?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 17 Décembre 2019

" The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity"--Andre Gide.

Yes, Dulthaidiot, I am referring to you and all the various oiks who pretend to either represent Hindus or to defend them.

You were so upset when a stupid joke about katori was distorted by you and other vile mercenaries, and turned into an electric Hindu bashing prod to convince people not to vote for Ramgoolam, the man you used to suck up to like the real leech that you are. Ene joke lor katori ti amerde to fesse lezo la kumsa? Kan ene malbar in mort aprer ki jeep la police in touy li, et plis ki ene million dimone in guet sa video la, to fesse ferme net?

Zis toi, VoH, Veer sipaki ggtri, et tou kalite lengrenaz soi dizan socio kiltirel, Pravin Jugnauth, et Marionette ki pa in guet sa video la? Ene katori ena plis valeur ki la vi ene malbar, mo ve LKZMM? Ki kalite hypocrites zot eter?

Allow me to give another viewpoint where the religion of the police driver and the victim are swapped, for no other reason that I get really fed up with the shallow and stupid observation that 'malbar ki p roule sa pays la'.

No, Lepep Kouyon, this island is not governed, has never been governed by malbars, laskars, creoles, blancs, sinoi, etc! It has always been governed by a handful of selfish bastards whose only interest remains the advancement of their family and friends, and that by any means possible.

They could not give a fuck about their community or la nation mauricienne. The only thing that matters to them is obtaining power by deceit, lying, promising us the earth but ensuring that the top soil goes to them and their little groups only. They can do that because they have a little army of parasites and blood suckers around them who will all tell you that God has mandated them to offer you protection and salvation, but only if you vote for the cunts they have decided are best placed to throw them a few bread crumbs.

Can you imagine this criminal, scandalous silence of these so called "Hindu" leaders being reciprocated by the Muslims if the driver was a Hindu and the victim was a Muslim?

Let me make my views clear here: As a Hindu, albeit lapsed in terms of religion, I feel nothing but utter shame when I see the conspiratorial silence by those fake religious bastards who otherwise never miss the opportunity regularly provided by craven, unprincipled zourlanus to spread their poisonous and self serving views.

One has to wonder why those same zourlanus have not felt it appropriate to ask those idiots their views about the murder of that poor man at Wootton, about their conspicuous absence at the march to highlight the manner of his death, or about their feelings regarding the complete silence of the Police Minister, the man whose arse they love to lick now, Pravin Jugnauth.

Why? Akoz ene ti malbar sa? Katori ena plis valeur ki la vi sa ti malbar la?

As a Hindu, I have nothing but praise for the Muslim community in terms of their absolute sense of solidarity and outrage whenever faced with any situation that even faintly mimics the tragedy at Wootton. They would be out on the streets, there would be massive demonstrations outside Casernes, and Marionette would be shitting in his pants... assuming he is not en mission.

Friday prayers would be attended in huge numbers, people would voluntarily donate money etc to the bereaved family, and thousands would have taken part in the march on Sunday. Pravin Jugnauth would have gone to his second home, the MBC, and told us how he sympathises with the family of the poor man and how in our etat de droit, no stone would be left unturned to bring to justice ALL those involved in the death of that man and the severe injuries to his friend, including those police officers involved clearly in a cover up. He would ask the Marionette to justify why the police driver was not breathalysed on the spot, he would ask the Marionette to identify the man in black and all those officers who rapidly turned up to 'protect' the officers and who failed to show even one ounce of humanity to the victims. And he would ask the Marionette to resign and to fuck off and to take that idiot who acts as the police spokesperson but who never says anything of any value.

Unfortunately, the victim is a Hindu and therefore the reaction will follow the normal pattern: A few "ena bez la! Pa fer narien, li in al kot Bon Dier, ti so ler, a nou al fer ene ti la priere trankil..."

That is the sum total of the reaction of the Community that idiots keep telling me "ban la meme ki p roule sa pays la!" And everything will get back to normal in a few days' time, and the usual topic of conversation will return " Pri pom damour p monter! bez sa!"

The bereaved family will have to continue living their lives without the presence of a much loved elder. The zeni on Facebook will move rapidly on to their usual hobbies of copy/paste, or stupid selfies of faces that only a mother could possibly love. The matter will drag on for years because our serviteurs du pays in the police force bizin etidier dossiers la and no questions can be entertained parski ena ene lenket en cour et nou viv dan ene etat de droit.

The zourlanus will get back to reporting important matters about jambes en l'air, or deaths on the road, with the obligatory and inhumanely intrusive interviews of the bereaved on the day of the funeral.

The only people who have done their duty in this terrible tragedy is the Top fm team who has shown the world the true nature of the calamitous way some of our police officers conduct themselves.

That video has all the elements required to show several crimes being committed, not just by the driver, but by his colleagues who attended, and those at the station who gave the order to bring the officers back quickly and fuck the victims. We can all see that. The only people who pretend not to have seen the video is the incompetent idiot in charge of the police force and his political master, Pravin Jugnauth...and those Hindu 'socio cultural' bastards whose only purpose in life is to drape a lurid curtain over the shoulders of whichever politician's testicles they love to fondle.

Shame on the Hindus for being so passive and so selfish! Pa blier alim la lanp asoir, ein? Bon dier pou kontan zot plis lerla! Sa boug ki in mort la? Ayo! Ki pou fer? Tou dan la main Bon dier, non? Nou la main zis bon pou taler divan politiciens....

Pa tousse nou katori!

Mardi 17 Décembre 2019

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