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[Paul Lismore] Kan zavokas La Kwizinne etidier zot dossiers en profondeur

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 22 Décembre 2022

[Paul Lismore] Kan zavokas La Kwizinne etidier zot dossiers en profondeur
Oui, en profondeur...sitan deeply ki pouce lipied tousse plafond, mo dire ou! What follows is a true story, although many will believe that it is too far fetched to be true. But eh, zis is Moriste, where the unthinkable often becomes reality with L'Enchanteur Pi Ke Jugnauth running the show with nominations that are so farcical and so corrupt that many of us have become used to his quite incredible stupidity....

All the characters in this story are real individuals, but if you wish to draw any inferences re their identity, how could I blame you? They all involve our wonderful zavokas, the people who tell us they believe in law and order, but who are convinced that politicians' arses are like Corona ice cream, and therefore have to be licked at every possible opportunity. The rewards are mostly financial, as they draw huge amounts of taxpayers' money through their nominations and through that eminently corrupt nonsense of appointing them as "Legal Officers" to para statal organisations that have now become the embodiment of corruption and nepotism at its most virulent....That and the bonus of being able to use the favourite argument of arseholes, "to kone moi kisan la?", whenever they want to show people that despite being the owner of a little dick, they have to wave it at anyone who has logically concluded that they indeed are arseholes...

Ala zistoire ban chatwas zavokas, who apart from fucking us with their incredible salaries and allowances, are busy fucking each other. Anju is the niece of that person who used the Papal edict of withdrawal before ejaculation as a means to control people she did not like by shouting " I order you out!" Try it when you are having fun with some gorgeous woman, and watch how everything shrinks as soon as she shouts " I order you out!" just as you are about to reach the point of no return....Mo dire ou, baton mouroum vine baton sousou en place!

But I digress. Yes, Anju, also known as Anju soutien gorge, because she loves to wear clothes that highlight her cleavage, was nominated as Chief Legal Adviser by Pinokio (family, you see...) to a bank built on the blood, sweat, and tears of someone they stole everything from. Anju starts having an affair with Joy (yes, that is the name of a zavoka, in case you thought this is a woman's name and this might be a spicy lesbian affair...). Once, after office hours et dan biro, kan Joy be fer Anju gagne sitan joy ki so pouce li pied p tousse plafond, et le tonkin bien dan l'air, guess who walks in? Joy so fam, Roshi! Roshi fou ene beze, kraz biro, mai kom touzour, la presse rapporte sa san donne oken noms...pou zet la fimee dan lizier dimounes, I guess...

Zot kone ki revanche Roshi pran? Li al travay dan ene gran la bank, et koumans fer le licema avek Ravin, the boss! Mo pa kone si so pouce li pied oussi ti p tousse plafond, mai mo espere ki Ravin ti p fer li bien ravi...

Mai sa pa asser pou Roshi satisfer so vengeance lor Joy! Li sanz travay, al dan ene lot la bank, kot li koumans fer le licema avek boss dan la bank la. As usual, Sanjay (for it is he who now benefits from the charms of Roshi) is another political nominee. As is his wife, another political nominee who has made an absolute fortune through her links with la kwizinne, Sara. Sara bien amerde et file pou divorce.

Apre divorce, Lady Macbeth, ki bien bon kamarade avek Sara, ti bien envi bour Sanjay deor. Mai Sanjay al trap lamoresse ti cretin, et kouyon la laisse li dan SBM, kot li en sarz Private Banking!! Li fek employ fam Sanjeeven, fam batteur nurse Kenny, Tifi Fazilah, et ene lot fam bien mediocre mai lor gran salaire...Ki Nilamber to dire hier lor kouma li p redresse SBM? Eoula! Ene poil li pa kapav rasse ou dresser, sa ggt la!
You now understand why many of our lawyers are so busy? Have a heart please! All these in out in out I order you out, is bound to make them very tired, non?

You see, Lepep Kouyon? Guet kouma zavokas nomines par politiciens pourri p bez nou kass par millions, et p fer le licema dan biro! Zot koir nou bizin fer ene ti fundraising pou donne zot ene bon lili confortab pou zot biro? Pa facile tousse plafond ar pouce si p alonze lor ene sofa, non? Anju soutien gorge p plaigner ki so tt tousse so nene kan li alonze kumsa...

Finally, Joy is now a fully fledged member of la kwizine....Anju's sister is raking an absolute fortune through the parastatals, et kontan fer avek Clarke....Malish Gobin p plaigner: " Kifer zot pa fer ar moi? Akoz mo ena ene la guele vier sousoute?"

Jeudi 22 Décembre 2022

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