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[Paul Lismore] Kan to mama met margoz dan to dipin, to avale

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 26 Janvier 2023

[Paul Lismore] Kan to mama met margoz dan to dipin, to avale
As most people would have realised by now, that is a line from that awful post written by someone who describes herself as an "influencer", but who is so useless that she has failed to even influence constipated people to have a good shit...

What exactly is an "influencer"? It is usually someone who loves showing people that she uses toothpaste, because her teeth are always on show. It is also someone who has perfected the dubious art of making her face look like a duck's arse, with lips supposedly shaped to show that she is good at oral sex, and loves all things that are phallic shaped...Perhaps that would explain her apparent love for brinzel, margoz, and in more private moments, patole and pipengay maybe...

I, for one, am not surprised that the wife of the local agent of Pack and Blister who provided us with ventilators with less wind than a normal fart, has chosen to copy/paste that post that reeks of snobbery and of the worst chatwaism possible. Yes, Zouberrr, your wife is in a class of her own, and perhaps you ought to convince the cretin to make her an Honorary Consul too, same as he did with her sister...after all, Honorary Consul is the most pointless, corrupt title that our Prime Ministers love to dish out to those who find a long margoz a more than adequate substitute for your puny little thing. Perhaps Honorary Consul for Cockatoo Island, near Sydney, Australia? Cock lovers love that place, apparently...

Here are a few things that the idols of the chatwas met dan nou dipin pou fer nou avale...

1/ Kan Padaleksi dire ki nou lekonomi mari bon et p ogmante, eski nou bizin avale sa san ki li met so savate Dodo pou excite ene 2 pitins?

2/ Kan ti cretin dire ki nou viv dan ene demokrasi, dan ene etat de droit, eski nou bizin avale sa san azoute in p herbicide dan sa gro menti la?

3/ Kan contrakters dan Moka dimane et gagne Rs 17 millions pou "nettoye" ene 2 drains, eski nou avale sa kom ene lexanp de "patriotisme"? Oussa nou verse et dire ban "patriotes", la bousse p fer mal, met par derrier aster?  Moka, c "le royaume du ti cretin"parski boukou larzan taxpayers al la ba (ou plito dan poches ban gro voleurs...)

4/ Kan ene idiot dan SBM donne gro loan a so bopere ki sitan vier ki li p tap la porte cimetiere, nou bizin aplodi? Et kan pa bour li deor mai fer li vine chef ene lot branche SBM, et renplace li par ene malang ki fer tou "private finance" pou la kwizinne, eski nou dire, "brinzel la pa asser gran, a nou pran pipengay la pou gagne pli bon maja?"  

Kan Jag (Hi! La pli in vini, mo pou plante boukou la!) dire ki ni brinzel ni margoz, mai Taser ki fer travay la pli bien, do we start to breathe heavily and shout, "Yes, Yes, You are the best, Jag!"?

Kan le vrai synbol du brinzel, nou President Baigan koumans koze et krasse en meme tan, does that make you wet, Miss influencer ki koz kk ene la zournee mai ki koir li ene gran rasser poils?

As you see, there are different types of "avale"...And the fact that our "influencer" chose to use that word in the same sentence where she uses the most sacred of titles, "mama" tells you all you need to know about her: She loves swallowing and avale has become an occupational hazard for all our chatwas...

Jeudi 26 Janvier 2023

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