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[Paul Lismore] Justice on trial: massive fraud trial postponed for the...17th time

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 22 Mai 2021

You have all heard of Bhimla Ramloll, the woman I nicknamed Madame Kaba because of the huge handbags she used to carry in the belief that these were fashion accessories. 

Between September 2012 and March 2013, she convinced enough people, through her company Sunkai Co Ltd to give her Rs 768 millions with the promise that they will receive much more in return after a few months. This trademark Ponzi scam quickly imploded and she was arrested and charged with fraud of Rs 768 millions and money laundering.

The trial has been postponed 17 times for a wide variety of reasons that bring shame to our justice system: frequent changes of lawyer/absence of lawyer, etc. In the meantime, her victims have waited for 8 long years for their money to be reimbursed...all because our justice system seems to find it impossible to put its own arse into gear.

Since her arrest in the Ponzi scheme in 2014, she has been found guilty of traffic d'influence dans l’allocation d’étals au marché de Quatre-Bornes, and jailed for 6 months...and was arrested when dressed in a burqua, she tried to steal from a jewellery shop...

But the major, major crime of fraud of Rs 768 millions which has greatly affected the lives of many victims, keeps getting postponed....probably because our Learned Friends and Their Lordships live in a different world to ours.

Samedi 22 Mai 2021

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