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The above is a line from the new film, "Official Secrets". Here is a synopsis of the screenplay:

" In 2003, as politicians in Britain and the US angle to invade Iraq, GCHQ translator Katharine Gun leaks a classified e-mail that urges spying on members of the UN Security Council to force through the resolution to go to war. Charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act, and facing imprisonment, Katharine and her lawyers set out to defend her actions. With her life, liberty and marriage threatened, she must stand up for what she believes in…"

Watch the trailer.

Now, ask yourselves this: Why are our zourlanus so bent, so corrupt, that the version of their 'news' depends on which corrupt politician has filled their pockets the most or which Prime Minister has agreed to give them millions of our rupees of OUR money for advertising its lies and announcements?

Or the money they receive in advertising from huge corporations and which they rather quaintly call " Sponsored article". Can you see any difference between them and a prostitute negotiating the right fees for services rendered?

Unfortunately, this is the poisonous state of our so called "Free and independent " press, with, I have to say, a few honourable exceptions.

The worst part? When these mercenary oiks have the cheek to mock news items they search assiduously for online, esp on Facebook, and then copy the main ideas!

So, Pravind Jugnauth, when will you stop lying? When you will stop telling us such huge porkies that even Pinocchio is threatening to come back to life and to scream " Moi ki ena pli long nene, pa toi ti cretin! Arete pran mo role!".

Let us look at some of your blatant lies:

1/ BAI/Bramer is a "Ponzi"...and yet none of your two useless Attorney Generals and your Marionette and other mercenary cops eating in la cuisine, have managed to make even one charge stick against the many that you callously charged and put behind bars. Most people know that the real thieves are you and your nasty, evil government that decided to obey the diktat of the Super Rich on this island and to destroy their main rival in insurance and banking. Most people know the truth, except your soucerres and zourlanus mercenaires, but who really gives a fuck about those pathetic idiots?

2/ I will not dwell on too many of your lies as otherwise this will end up as an encyclopaedia. So, let us look at the recent ones, esp those that are nothing but an unconscionable attempt to bribe Lepep Kouyon in return for some miserable votes.

3/ "Mo pou kreer 10,000 jobs dan service civil". Eta ti cretin! To pa koner ki Civil Service deza ena tro boukou enployes et ki seki bizin fer, c fer ban la travay pli bien et vine plis professionels? To koir pitaye pou sa sorti depi la cuisine sa?

4/ You accuse Ramgoolam of having a mistress, fime cigar, boir Blue label, etc. a/ Kisan la ki enpesse toi met ene zafer long and thick dan to la guele? Arete plaigner! b/ Parey pou Black Label. To boir Bordofin ou Eureka toi? Si to fer sa, nou koner kot Lady Macbeth pou met boutey la....

c/ Maitresse? Ayo mo piti vierz et ki deklar tro inosan! To rapel Sampath? Ivan so maitresse ki to fer vine High Commissioner? To ban ministres ki garde et promote zot ban maitresses? To meme, to res 100% faithful, toi? To madame, malgre tou sa rumeurs lor li la? Alor, bousser le tonkin avek maitresse, cigar, djembe, ou Blue Label. Ban disk ki in tro rayer sa.

5/ To pou fer tou policiers ki ena plis ki 20 ans lexperians vine sergeant? Ta bouffon! Maurice pou sel pays o monde kot pou ena plis sergeants ki gablous! Arete koz menti, mo ve fatra!

6/ Watch how your nose becomes so long that it will touch the opposite wall when you read what you said "“Pei ti pouri ar ladrog. Mafia ti fini infiltre dan certain instisyons. Mais avec mwa mafia pena bare! Mo met zot derriere baro. Sous l’ancien pouvoir mafia ti pe soutire”,a-t-il réitéré."

Tou dimoune koner ki zamai in ena sitan la drog dan pays ki depi 2014! And everyone knows that every time the MSM comes to power, more drugs, including new ones flood the market. In the 80s, Heroine replaced Opium and became the number 1 drug in Mauritius.

Since 2014, la drog sintetik has won the race as the most used drug on our island. Coincidence sa? To met derriere baro? oui,. zis pou ene ti moman pou fer zes et aprer larguer!

To Commission denket? Dire nou kommien recommandation to in enforce? Ene ferfoute!
To pou kasse le rin mafia la drog? Si to fer sa, to la cuisine pou bizin fer dialyse, non? parski boukou la dan ki ban pli gran inportateurs la drog dan maurice. Al dimane torpa et torma, zot koner zot.....

7/ To koz coffre forts et so millions roupies? Dire nou kommien milliards roupies toi et to fami ena ici et abroad, et dire nou kouma zot in gagne sa! Bo frere bez nou Rs 144 millions lor sa lopital karia ki apel Medpoint et aster p depense par milliards lor lotel Seychelles? Kot pitaye la sorti, do?

8/ The most cruel lie is the one being perpetrated on our elderly, on those who have worked hard for the future of this island: " “Je prends l’engagement d’augmenter la pension de vieillesse à Rs 13 500. Je ne vends pas des rêves."

Yes, you fucking are selling dreams by telling lies! Our economy, already crumbling under huge debts and an enormous balance of trade deficit, simply cannot afford it! Yes, look after our elderly by ensuring that the food on their tables is not as expensive as it is today, by making them feel safe in their homes instead of worrying over the huge increase in serious crimes since 2014, etc. And yes, increase their old age pension in a rational manner, but tell us: Why should a milliardaire like SAJ still draw the State old pension? Li mank manzer?

The doubling of old age pension means that over 40% of our budget will have to go to the Social Security ministry. Tell us, how will you then finance our doctors, nurses, teachers, civil servants, all those parasitical orgs, roads, koup ribans, etc? By borrowing more money in our names?

Eoula! Ramasse ou nene do! Pinocchio p mari zalou! Sa kantite menti la? Al lave la guele avek Lysol pu sey arete sa, do

Vendredi 11 Octobre 2019

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