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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 17 Juillet 2019

ALLEZ MORIS! Akiz moi de 'anti patriotisme' aster, sirtou ban voleurs et soucerres!

I can't be the only one to view with terrible disgust the waste of so many billions of our rupees on a rather insignificant event which is being blown out of all proportions in terms of grandeur and significance by a mercenary press and media.

In the pantheon of world sports or even any credible sporting event, I am afraid JIOI registers barely a murmur....and yet the way this is being covered by the media and the hysteria being manufactured by ministre lamoresse zoranz, the ti cretin, and their little army of zombies and spud peelers, would have you believe that we were holding the Olympics Games and the World Cup Football final in the next ten days. Ena bez la!

Let us look at the facts. The finances first, because despite Pravin Jugnauth playing the role of a demented Father Xmas a outrance in order to buy votes, the fact remains that we are up to our neck in debt, and credible economic forecasts point towards a much worse economic situation after the elections, irrespective of which party forms the next government.

And yet, we are spending over Rs 6 billions on Games that no other island wanted to stage for 2 good reasons:

1/ They can't afford it and 2/ They know how Mauritian politicians love to brag about our 'multi cultural nation' (despite them being primarily responsible for the divisions on race, religious, and caste grounds) and how we have manufactured an 'economic miracle'. So, the other islands knew that no expense will be spared by this bunch of idiots, esp in election year, and free stay in 5* hotels and 5* star treatment, etc was always going to be too irresistible to resist.

What's in it for most Mauritians? Not much I am afraid, apart from a false sense of national pride.

Granted, many will be swayed by the fake nationalism and the false sense of patriotism that seems to manifest itself only on 12th March every year, and will shout encouragement to the few who will win their events with performances that will not rass meme ene jhant in terms of world sports ranking. But eh, in gagne medaille d'or, pays dan l'honneur! Really?

You want an indication of how stupid our leaders really are? Pravin Jugnauth dire sa semaine la ki li envi rentabilise ene stade ki li dire in coute Rs 4.7 billions ziska ler, mai ki pou koute boukou plis. Eoula! It is now, after you have spent such a huge amount of our money, that you think "perhaps it is time to think how to get some of that money back "?

No wonder you have never run any business, apart from managing/administering/ enjoying the billions of rupees that your father has amassed through very dubious means! You call that a business model? You understand why now everyone, including your own soucerres, consider you to be a ti cretin?

Think about it, at least those whose brains have not yet been conquered by the soucerre virus: Rs 4.7 billions for a stadium which, despite its current splendour, will/cannot be ever used to its maximum, and will therefore remain the elephant blanc that many already describe it as. Somehow, I cannot see Mo Farah, Roger Federer, Anthony Joshua and other world champions changing their training routines and travelling all the way here in order to benefit from the Mauritian hospitality that too is being seen less and less these days.

On top of that, add one or two billions for the Games expenses, including a huge amount for politicians to have a wonderful time at our expense. Think of the extravagant amounts already shared by the parasites in terms of commissions, etc.

You still want to raise your little, plastic/enamel quadricolour flag and shout Allez Moris whilst eating samousas/pizza/kebab in front of your telly when a Mauritian wins?

Fair play to the Mauritian athlete who does win a medal...It will reward his/her years of effort. But the real gold medal winners are already the politicians of this government who have dished out huge contracts to their friends, the PR company that has redefined copy/pasting as 'parallel thinking' and which still has not returned the money taken from us under false premises, ENL whose land in Moka will rise massively in price due to all the money WE have spent on infrastructure there, the arse lickers at the MBC who will provide wall to wall coverage and try to film the politicians more often than they film the athletes, the mercenary zourlanus who are selling these Games as if your lives will be so much better if you vociferously support the event, etc. These are the real Gold medal winners, the vultures preying on the dessicated corpse of our economy, and picking at the few bits of flesh left over the carcass.

Allez Moris! Fer tapaz for et aplodi sirtou kan politiciens p kokin zot!


Mercredi 17 Juillet 2019

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