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[Paul Lismore] J'ACCUSE!

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 19 Décembre 2019

" “I have but one passion—that of light. This I ask for in the name of humanity, which has suffered so much, and which has a claim to happiness. My passionate protest is but the cry of my soul. Let anyone who dares bring me before an Assize Court, and let the inquiry be held in broad daylight. I am waiting.”― Émile Zola

1/ The gruesome twosome, Pravin Jugnauth and his Marionette in uniform, of being the prime conspirators in the attempt to cover up and to trivialise the death of an innocent man by reckless police officers Most police officers are decent people, but there is a substantial number of them who seem to be under the impression that the uniform they wear somehow makes them immune to the same laws that the rest of us have to obey.

This tragedy occurred on 26th November and it took over three weeks for the Gruesome Twosome to break their disgusting silence, and that only to fob us off with the usual mixture of formulaic nonsense about "en toute transparence", "mo pou san pitie", and all the usual garbage that they spout in order to convince us that eunuchs really have a 10 inch humdinger which they will brandish whenever the need arises....except that, by definition, eunuchs have nothing worthwhile to wave around, and it is all done as pretence.

2/ The zourlanus who have tried to make us swallow the bitter pill fed to them by their people in Casernes that the "l'homme en noir" is related to the petrol station owner, a clear attempt to confuse people by bringing in an element that is so outlandish that it would escape the febrile imagination of a decidedly mad and nasty Donald Trump.

Only Top fm has had the decency to ask the petrol owner to confirm or deny this vile assertion by the zourlanus. You see, the police tactic is so transparently noxious as opposed to the opaque way l'enquete la police has been conducted from the day of the accident: the intention now is to fool Lepep Kouyon into believing that chalk tastes just as nice as a delicious Camembert.

Ask yourselves why they have leaked the Fake News that the unfeeling, uncaring bastard en noir is related to the petrol station owner: because that will get many idiots to accept lies as the truth and to deviate attention from the only salient aspect of this tragedy: that a police officer drove so criminally recklessly and at such speed in atrocious weather conditions that an accident was waiting to happen...and Rohit Gobin was the victim of this accident, living his last moments of consciousness aware that the bastards who had done this were more concerned about saving their sorry arses than in offering some help and comfort to a dying man.

4/ The zourlanus for accepting at face value every bit of nonsense peddled by Casernes and its highly irritating 'spokesman'.

We have all seen the horrific video, and one must therefore ask why these zourlanus find it impossible to ask the questions that really matter whenever they do the only job they seem adept at: that of holding a mobile phone in front of the mouth of some arsehole and recording all the shit that flows out of that mouth.

For example, why hasn't anyone mentioned the name of the female Chief Inspector who sent her own private car to rescue the police officers involved in that accident?

Was the police officer sent to 'rescue' them insured to drive a car that belongs to someone else? What instructions did the Chief Inspector give to the 'rescuers'? "Aller, bourer al pran zot et retourne zot ici!"? Did she immediately do what a decent police officer in charge would have done and breathalyse the driver who caused the accident? Were contemporaneous records kept as soon as they arrived back to the station? Does she know the man in black? Why would he turn up if no one had called him?

The way he shook hands with the police driver at the petrol station gives the clear impression that they know each other.

Would police officers blindly follow a stranger to the back of the petrol station? Did the Chief Inspector ask the police driver for the name and identity of the man in black? Why didn't the police chief inspector despatch some other officers to see how the victims could be helped until the ambulance arrived?

As Emile Zola said in his seminal work, "J'accuse", "“It is a crime to mislead public opinion, to utilise for a deadly task this opinion which has been perverted until it becomes delirious.”

By the way, the name of the police Chief Inspector is Vimi Appadu, something which the zourlanus also know but refuse to tell us...

3/ The socio cultural thugs pretending to support and defend their communities...the bastards! As expected, they have done fuck all. But then, they are mercenary bastards whose only role in life is to taste what lies between the legs of politicians just as stupid and corrupt as them.

4/ Paul Berenger, Navin Ramgoolam, Zaza, Shakeel Mohamed, in fact ALL politicians of ALL parties for keeping a disgusting silence over this. 23 days later, and not one of them has had the decency to say anything or provide a word of comfort to the bereaved family? Not one call for a grossly incompetent and useless police commissioner to lev pake aller? Even when one part of the Gruesome Twosome, Pravin Jugnauth, has again extended the contract of the Marionette?

With the noble exception of Arvin Boolell who attended the march and conveyed his sympathies in person. As did Aubeeluck Danrajsingh of Parti Malin. Shame on the others! Are they that busy servi nou pays that they can't even show some concern or a modicum of humanity?

We have reached a dangerous state in the social life of this island: When Lepep loses confidence in the ability of the police to maintain law and order and to enforce the law without fear or favour, the respect that we should normally show to our police officers is in severe danger of turning into cynicism and hatred...Especially when the vile stench of cover up poisons the air that we breathe.

We all stand to lose when this happens.

Jeudi 19 Décembre 2019

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