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[Paul Lismore] It is unfair to criticise only Irfan Rahman for all the problems in the 2029 elections

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 29 Janvier 2022

Yes, Irfan Rahman has been rightly pilloried for giving the impression of being yet another dummy for the government. But why is he the only one being made to carry the can for all the glaring mistakes and deliberate flouting of our democracy at the last general elections?

How about shedding some light on the dark arts practised by the 'patriotic' nominees of the Electoral Supervisory Commission? And on the Returning Officers nominally responsible for the smooth running of the electoral processes in each constituency?

Section 41(1) of the Constitution reads: “the ESC shall supervise the registration of electors for the election of members of the Assembly and the conduct of elections of such members and the commission shall have such powers and other functions relating to such registration and such elections as may be prescribed”.

And yet, the ESC said nothing, absolutely nothing when everyone else was complaining about the substantial number of Mauritians who had been deprived of their right to vote simply because their names had magically been erased from the registers which the ESC was supposed to "supervise".

Silence again ruled when many of us found it totally incongruous that so many Bangla Deshis could vote in an election that essentially and primarily was for the Mauritian electorate, whilst many Mauritians voiced their frustration when they could not vote or found that some stranger had voted in their place...

It was very nice and respectful of the ESC to remain dignified at the sight of so many dead people mustering enough energy to rise from their graves/ashes and to vote for members belonging to la cuisine....Again, the silence of these self important arseholes when more and more ballot papers were found anywhere except in the ballot boxes was quite deafening....

Yusuf Aboobaker has been Chairman of the ESC since before Moses parted the seas, and therefore cannot claim ignorance of the rules, or of his sacred duty to ensure that elections are free of the terrible shenanigans at the last elections. But he and his mob kept even quiet when computers were illegally brought in, and when it was clear that deception, cheating, and bare faced thieving of the elections were the order of the day.  As did the grande zavokate Nargis Bundhun, Senior counsel siouplai, and the other numpties who I am sure filled in their expenses forms properly...

So, why the almost complete silence over that useless, quite corrupt body known as the ESC, filled with potato peelers and dishwashers from la cuisine, preferably with LLB next to their names?

Let us take Constituency 19 as one example of so many: Does anyone actually believe that these super intelligent (well, they think they are...) individuals at the Electoral Commissioner's Office, the Electoral Supervisory Commission, and the Returning Officers did not understand the law regarding the use of computers? or found the arduous task of dividing by 3 simply too laborious for their finely tuned brains?

Eoula! Of course they knew! Which gives rise to the only possibility that cannot be excluded due to the large amount of cheating at all levels during the 2019 elections: that this was a large-scale conspiracy to subvert the results of the last elections and to ensure that la cuisine will continue to serve us with the toxic food that has become its expertise, for the next 5 years.

Today, the GoNad's L'Express, in true Tamil mafia fashion, describes Kevin Moorghen and Wendy Rangan as "reputes pour leur professionalisme"....Yes, the same Rangan who has decided to hold the recount on the day commemorating the Abolition of Slavery and the Chinese New Year festival, a decision criticised by the two candidates whose votes will need to be recounted. By the way, Rangan has a 3rd class Law Degree from that fount of human knowledge known as the University of Mauritius, which means that she would not have qualified as a barrister today because the minimum requirement for Bar exams now is 2nd class...

Kevin Moorghen is the same Returning Officer who was in charge of Constituency 19 in 2019, and who declared the results without even checking that the number of ballot papers cast did not exceed the number of votes, or whether he can divide by 3, or whether that fucking computer should have even been on the premises as it was completely illegal. 

And he has been selected again to be the returning officer....It is really like asking a murderer to revisit the scene of his crime and ensure that no evidence is left lying around this time...

Yes, Irfan Rahman deserves to be excoriated for running a less than professional general election. But de grace, why this scandalous silence over the ESC morons, and over the Returning Officers who were just as guilty of the serious crimes and misdemeanours in all constituencies?

When replacing a kalchoul with a poukni from the same la cuisine is considered "patriotic"....Ori replaced by Ragavoodoo in the ESC.

Samedi 29 Janvier 2022

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