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[Paul Lismore] It is dishonest of politicians to ask ordinary citizens to take legal action re IANGUSsorma

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 18 Novembre 2020

I did not sleep too well last night. This was entirely my fault as I chose to watch during the day the truly horrific video nasty of a National Assembly flouting all the rules of democracy, with a grotesque hooligan as Speaker acting as the tapeur of a quite undignified Prime Minister shouting, along with the rest of the mob behind him, "Deor!", What sort of democrats are these people who cheer and encourage a buffoon of an unelected Speaker to eject MLAs elected by the vote of the people? 

I do watch a lot of political stuff on TV, and I have to say that I have never seen a more chaotic, disorganised shambles in any parliament in the world. And it is all entirely the fault of a Speaker who has all the finesse of a third rate drunk in a ramshackle la kanbiz, spouting nonsense in a language so disfigured with horrendous crimes of grammar, elocution, and basic sentence construction, that the fat, charmless idiot ought to now market himself as the inventor of a new language that only he, and 44 idiots can understand. 

So, to while away the early hours of the morning, I watched an earlier recording of a Top fm programme starring Roshi Badhain and Shakeel Mohamed. I have to say they both made excellent points which succeeded in digging a much bigger hole for Pravind Jugnauth than the one he finds himself in over lANGUSsorma.

Whilst I agree with their proposals that a private prosecution should now be laid against Pravin Jugnauth and his poisonous twin brother, Navin Beekarry, or as Shakeel Mohamed suggested that a Writ of mandamus should be issued, I am concerned that they feel that a private citizen should do that. Why?

They are both lawyers, and we already have more lawyers than longanes in this country, so why can't a lawyer, esp a lawyer/politician apply to the courts themselves? I'll give you several reasons why no citizen should take that responsibility:

1/ We all know that the law is prohibitively expensive in Mauritius, and many lawyers, as well as many doctors/accuntants/notaries etc are mercenary bastards and interested in only one thing: the maximum money they can extract from their clients and a little bit more on top of that. 

2/ We all know how vindictive our politicians can be and how the careers of many decent people have been destroyed by psychopaths masquerading as ministers/serviteurs du pays. Why should an ordinary citizen take that risk?

3/ On the other hand, an affidavit or an application to the Supreme Court by a lawyer will cost him next to nothing. Why won't the lawyers themselves take Pravind Jugnauth to court? Why do they keep telling us what needs to be done and then they do nothing themselves? What is stopping Roshi Badhain, Shakeel Mohamed, the various lawyers in the PTr, MMM, PMSD, and others from seeking redress in the courts if they feel as strongly as the rest of us do that lANGUSsorma stinks to high heaven?

We, as ordinary citizens, can moan and whinge about that useless speaker, but there is nothing that we can do to change the situation. In the greatest act of democratic piracy and pillage that we have seen, the Gruesome Twosome Phokeer and Pravind Kumar Jugnauth are now united in their Machiavellian desire to eject the most "troublesome" members of the Legislative Assembly for the most trivial of reasons. Out of the last and current 10 sittings of the National Assembly, Shakeel Mohamed has been forbidden to attend 9 of them! How can this be democracy? How can members elected by the people to the National Assembly find themselves forbidden to attend by someone who has not been voted by anyone, apart from the 44 zombies on the government side?

Harish Boodhoo has expressed his frustration on so many occasions at the refusal of our elected representatives to ask the Supreme Court to adjudicate on the ludicrous decisions of the Speaker.

Why won't Shakeel Mohamed do it, esp as he will be idle for the next 4 weeks? Does he want to return to the National Assembly in a month's time and be again asked to "Walk out", or whatever stupid expression the Speaker will use next time?

Are Roshi Bhadain and Shakeel Mohamed betraying their lack of faith in the judiciary by refusing to themselves go to the Supreme Court? Many lawyers like to say that the only institution they respect is the judiciary, but i am afraid that is not a view that is shared by an increasing number of people. A year has passed, and the creme de la creme of our judiciary has still not addressed the electoral petitions in a meaningful way, something which is immensely frustrating for many people. Some are even saying that the judiciary, like the rest of our institutions, is also under the influence of la cuisine, but I would like to think that that is not the case...

So, Shakeel Mohamed and Roshi Bhadain, there is nothing that stops you from issuing a private prosecution yourselves, or a writ of mandamus. Asking ordinary citizens to do it is rather cowardly, don't you think? What about your lawyer brothers who have remained suspiciously very quiet over all of this? Reza Uteem, Khushal Lobine, and Ritesh Ramful?

Better still, if the opposition parties are real democrats and they are as disgusted as we are with the hijacking of our parliament by heathens and oiks, why don't Ramgoolam, Berenger, Zaza, and Boolell issue the writs themselves as leaders of their respective parties? That would be far better than the once weekly boring press conferences that achieve nothing.

So, please stop asking ordinary citizens to do what you yourselves refuse to do!

Mercredi 18 Novembre 2020

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