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[Paul Lismore] Is the Police commissioner suffering from Stockholm syndrome?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 1 Mars 2023

[Paul Lismore] Is the Police commissioner suffering from Stockholm syndrome?
Go back to the night of December 04, 2013, 3 weeks before Xmas. Assistant Commissioner of police, Anil Kumar Dip, had been arrested and kept overnight in a police cell. The police did not object to his release on bail the next day, and he regained his freedom in exchange of Rs 50,000 bail and a recognizance of debts to the tune of 1 million. This was in connection with his alleged role in the fraud perpetrated by his son and others of Rs 80 million belonging to Bramer Bank....a case which the court has at last decided to deal with now.

It can't have been easy for an Assistant Commissioner of police to be locked up by his subordinates and having to depend on them for tea and food...It must have been quite humiliating, especially if he had to strip and be bollocks naked in front of his juniors, for the mandatory "search", For those who don't know, Stockholm syndrome is a condition " in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors". Dip's attitude and behaviour since he got the top job is to defend everything, however bad and scandalous, that his erstwhile captors now commit on an almost daily basis.

I have tried hard to understand him, but the most charitable view I can have with regards to his incredibly stupid and sycophantic behaviour is that he might be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Let me try to give you some examples of his apparent desire to be seen as "more gablou" than his subordinates who often misbehave. Let me present you with some clear examples of the real "evil precedent" which he rather ignorantly mentioned yesterday, a propos of the eminently justifiable decision of the DPP to refuse to appeal the decision of the magistrate to grant bail on albeit very stringent and, some would say, inhumane conditions.

1/ Let us go back to 2013, and his own release on bail. As a high profile individual as Assistant police commissioner facing a serious charge of " aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime". and if I use his own stupid argument in his communique yesterday, the DPP at the time should have appealed the decision to grant him release on bail. Whether he was guilty or innocent does not matter according to Anil Kumar Dip, as he has already found the 300 or so prisoners currently on remand in jail for drugs to be guilty. He called them "drug traffickers" in his quite disgusting communique yesterday.

By that simplistic and quite disgraceful reasoning, on 5th December 2013, when ACP Dip attended court as an accused, he was an accomplice of fraudsters then...And the then DPP therefore created an evil precedent by allowing the accused Anil Kumar dip to go free...Ti bizin ferme li parski kan in largue li, sa in enkouraz boukou frodeurs, non? Idiot!

2/ It is clear to everyone that Jag (Hi! Mo fou moi!) does not give a toss about Dip and does whatever he wants, safe in the knowledge that Dip will dig himself another hole by supporting the Special Shit Team all the time. Most of the population now view the Special Shit Team as a paramilitary army of occupation that can barge into anyone's home with a warrant signed by Jag (Hi! Moi ki mari!), destroy whatever does not move, take what does not belong to them, and carry out some agricultural functions free of charge, otherwise known as "plantee". It does not matter what the Shit Team does, Dip will dip his finger in the shit and say " Good job!". Now, that is a terribly evil precedent...

3/ Our police commissioners have always been terribly weak individuals who love playing the role of dummy to the Prime Minister and the party in government. Except perhaps late Dayal. Just try to remember the names of the 14 police commissioners since independence, and I bet you won't remember more than 3. You see, it is always difficult to remember the names of dummies, of people with no personalities or backbones, of people whose only calling in life appears to be to salute the idiot who happens to be Prime Minister and to obey his every instruction....The constitutional independence of the Mauritian police commissioner is mere fiction, unfortunately.

4/ Evil precedent....a/ When the police refuse to even start an investigation into any genuine complaint by anyone seen as an "opponent" of the government. b/ when the police act with incredible rapidity as if their arse is on fire every time a fake "patriot" makes a childish complaint against anyone. 3/  When a police commissioner creates the most evil precedent by refusing to ensure that a magistrate's findings after a long investigation is acted upon diligently by the police. The Kistnen murder is the most flagrant example of "evil precedent" created by a police commissioner where if you are "nou bann" and you murder someone atrociously, pa pran traka, ene ferfoute lenketpa pou fer.

5/ There are many more examples of evil precedent created or tolerated by Dip....Angus Road is another flagrant example, where pa kapav fer lenket lor missier la! There are many, many more examples of evil precedent by the idiot who has the cheek and the temerity to question the integrity and independence of the new DPP when he himself has never shown any independence or integrity...or decency, or common sense.

So, why does he behave like this? I am afraid I can't explain his attitude at all except to surmise that the one night in custody in 2013 has affected him so much that he now identifies with the bad behaviour of the substantial number of gablous who give our police force such a bad name. In other words, he suffers from Stockholm syndrome...

Either that, or li vreman peur ki ban la pou met ene taser dan so Trou Kanaka et fer li sant ene sega kan li ena zis so lamoresse lor li..  

Mercredi 1 Mars 2023

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