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[Paul Lismore] Is Top Fm going back home into the rich embrace of the MSM ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 29 Juillet 2022

You always judge a person with the company that he keeps...and recently, there is no doubt at all that Top fm seems to have fallen in love with people most of us would refuse to piss on if they were on fire. 

I will not say too much about the fact that the owner of Top fm, Caunhye, is related to the Jugs due to the fact that his uncle married into that clan. I will not elaborate too much on the fact that Caunhye's top fm, helped by zourlanus like Jimmy Jean Louis, with his fat, protruding belly, and a face that not even a mother could like, bounced the Alliance MSM into power in 2014...Instead of being rewarded for that major example of chatwaism, divine justice instead intervened, and the Jugs did what SAJ apparently liked doing: Piss lor Caunhye/Top fm. 

Caunhye comes from Riviere des Anguilles but now lives in Sodnac, where apparently his gran nwar has not endeared him to his neighbours...He is in fact suing one of his immediate neighbours...
In his early professional life, he was a manager at Sonia Wear, a textile factory belonging to the Seenyen family. He is obviously good with money as soon afterwards, he invested in a radio company...There was a long running saga involving him and Sunshine Radio but the whole thing about his subsequent ownership of Top fm  is shrouded in a thick fog...

Back to today: Many people have voiced their concerns that since the Sherry Singh/MT matter became public, Top fm seems to have changed its tune and is now playing a faint version (so far...) of that disk rayee known as " Pravind ene bon piti sa"..Many take the view that because there are legal cases involving Sherry Singh and Kris Caunhye/Top fm, Top fm has adopted the Godfather motto of " The enemy of my enemy is my friend". That would explain why we often see 2 zavokas, Golamaully and Huranghee, 2 experts in the art of Vire Tournee Revirer Retournee, attacking Sherry Singh on Top fm, in a battle where most people view with alarm the appropriation of MT by Pi Ke as his own property. 

The icing on the cake? Today, many Mauritians will commit suicide as soon as they hear the most grotesque, most stupid politician ever, Bobok Hureeram, on Top fm showing us that when it comes to breaching the limits of stupidity and buffoonery, no one comes close to Bobok...I suppose his "interview" will be just another excuse for him to tell us that Pi Ke Jugnauth is God on earth and that Sherry Singh is the devil incarnate...

As for Sherry Singh, I will give him some credibility when he goes much further than the 2 Refuseniks of the MSM have done so far, Badhain (close friend of Caunhye, by the way...) and Bodha, in revealing all the nasty things that took place in la kwizinne when he used to be Head Chef. In particular, I want him to tell us how the 2019 elections were stolen, and the info one expects him to have on the murder of Kistnen, and how those Rs 19 billions cameras of Safe City somehow managed to not film Kistnen and the other victims of that murderous regime.

But a private legal battle with someone can never be an excuse for a national radio station to do your dirty work. It is cheap, and deprives you of the privilege to give us tales of morality from your radio station....even if there are rumours that lots of money were exchanged for that apparent change of heart...

I don't believe those rumours of course, because we all know that we have a free and independent media, where the owners and the gorgeous journalists have only one aim: to tell us real news

Vendredi 29 Juillet 2022

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