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[Paul Lismore] International anti corruption day---when the biggest thieves tell us that corruption is bad...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 9 Décembre 2020

Transparency International has once again expressed the wish that "governments, businesses, civil society, and the whole of society...will commit to end the devastating impact of corruption on people's lives around the world...The COVID 19 pandemic has revealed gaping weaknesses in the ways many countries spend public resources...Independent of COVID 19, investigative journalists have again this year laid bare the weaknesses in the global financial system that allow public wealth stolen from poor countries to be laundered and spent in rich ones....In 2020, it is abundantly clear that corruption does not recognise national borders. Those in political power abuse the gaps in the international anti corruption framework to steal and launder the profits."

Many national governments, as well as the African Union, have declared the fight against corruption as their priority. However, more than half of all citizens believe corruption is getting worse in their country, and that their government is doing a poor job in tackling corruption ( Global Corruption Barometer-Africa, 2019).

What is the situation in Mauritius? Ask anyone, including supporters of this government (but in strict privacy, eh?), and the answer inevitably will be: "Zamai in ena sa kantite korription, kokin dan pays ki depi 2014!"

In my opinion, the responsibility for that terrible state of affairs lies squarely on the shoulders of the chap tasked, at massive expense to us, to lead the fight against corruption. Yes, the chuttur ka mou in charge of the useless, hopelessly biased, and criminally incompetent ICAC: Navin Beekarry. The man is lucky that we have been cursed with hopeless zourlanus who never have the guts, the intelligence, the professionalism, or the decency to ask him the questions that really matter.

For example, 1/ ki in ariv ou investigations lor Anil Gayan so maitresse et Chumka ki ti decider ki nou larzan, c pou zot sa? 2/ Kifer ou pa dire AG dimane Serious Fraud Office UK rekoumans zot lenket lor Angus Road? Kifer ou ti fer renouveler ou biro dan ene facon bien koronpi? Ki criteria ou servi pou decider ki lenket bizin fer et ki bizin al dan ene tiroir? Kommien lenket ICAC dan tiroir? Kommien dimoune gouvernman zot lenket dan tiroir?

Tou le tan ou dire " mo bizin etidier dossier la", eski ou bizin l'aide ene sixieme fail pou fer ou etidier in p pli vite? Kommien larzan nou p donne ou sak mois et eski ou honeteman penser ki ou merite sa ban millions roupies ki ou pran sak lannee pou ou "travay"? Kommien lenket ou in fer lor ban politiciens voleurs ki in avoy larzan kokin en deor pays? Kommien lenket ou in fer lor ban politiciens voleurs ki p asseter gran lakaz/ batiman dan Lerop/Dubai, etc? And a thousand other questions which will never be asked....

On a more topical level, " kan ou pou arete Yogida Sawmynaden? Ki ou bizin enkor pou o moin interview li? Ou koir li korek ki ene ministre ki p touche la o Rs 400,000 par moi p aparaman kokin Rs 15,000 ki ti bizin al sa madame la? Kan ou pou interview Pravind Jugnauth et Lady Macbeth? La facon ou fer ou ban lenket, mo koir Bolom Noel ena plis sans tasse dan mo la cheminee ki ou fer ene lenket valab lor ninporte ki voleur depi la cuisine, non?"

The man has the incredible arrogance and/or stupidity to tell us that some thieves in government and in the private sector have exploited COVID 19 in order to steal hundreds of millions of our rupees! Aster ki li konne sa? Eoula mari morma! Li pa konner ki ena ministres in areter par vrai institution ki konbat korription dan lezot pays?

Our poor imitation of Clouseau at ICAC needs to read up on the actions of Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi, or KPK), of Indonesia, who this week arrested  Social Affairs Minister Juliari P. Batubara on charges of receiving at least 17 billion rupiah ($1.2 million) in payments from two private contractors tasked with putting together aid packages to people impacted by the coronavirus. Can you imagine it? Ministers being arrested and charged with corruption?

But don't expect our chuttur ka mou to even interview Jagutpal, Sawmynaden, Padaleksi, or Pravind Jugnauth (he chaired all those committees that approved the dishing out of Rs 1.5 billions to the crooks exploiting COVID-19). Of course Beekarry won't. You only have to look at his face to realise the value of empty spaces....

But do expect wonderful speeches about the need to fight corruption. Parole donnee, parole sacree, seki mo dire sa meme mo pou fer, mo pou kass lerin sa mafia la, bla bla bla... Yes, wonderful speeches where luxury wine bought with our money will flow copiously, and where many thieves will get together to discuss " Ki kapav kokin enkor la?"

And where all else fails and there are Rs 400 millions lying around, don't forget to give it an idiot to pass it on to Liverpool Football Club! How else can he make more selfies of that face with a remarkable similarity to a haemorrhoidal rectum, eh?

Nou pou konbat korription! Bousser fesse, do! Ban voleurs!

Mercredi 9 Décembre 2020

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