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[Paul Lismore] In our world of thieves, charlatans, hypocrites, roder bouttes and soucerres...

Rédigé par E. Moris le Mercredi 23 Juin 2021

Time for a welcome break and to have a good laugh whilst at the same time appreciating some journalists who are quite happy to take the piss out of shameless fools only too willing to lick the arses of politicians for their ever so precious boutte.

I am sure most of you have seen this video, but in these dark, gloomy days of massive incompetence and Grand Larceny by the so called "Patriots", what better way to relax for a few minutes?

It is pointless hoping that the zourlanus who pollute our so called 'free and independent' press will ever have the imagination or the candour to do a programme like this. Certainly not the pretentious buffoons at Radio Minus and the other Government rags. There, they are ever so grateful to show our politicians how far their tongues can reach up their backsides during what they have the impertinence to call "interviews"...

So, enjoy! Et pa blier: kan zot truv ene fam avek ene bien zoli 40, bizin apel sa ene 80, parski 2 la zou, non? Nou accuntant pou dire, b oui, ene zoli 80 sa! 

Crédit vidéo : Top Fm

Mercredi 23 Juin 2021

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