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[Paul Lismore] In our moribund democracy, the 3 B's have only 3 options

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 31 Mars 2021

The disgraceful events in the National Assembly where a thug of a Speaker ordered 3 of the most experienced members of the opposition out is yet another example where a small group of rather stupid and childish people have won power through foul means, and then used that power to turn this island into a dictatorship.

We no longer live in a country where civil servants know that their role is to serve the people and not the politicians in power; where people in a 'government job' knew that "travay pou gouvernman v dire travay pou lepep et pa pou ene gouvernman". Gone are the days of people with principles and a backbone, and who would tell ministers, " sorry minister, that is not how we do things". They have all been replaced by spineless, unprincipled arseholes out to make a quick buck for themselves.

We now have people who actually believe that licking the arses of those in power is the most honourable and decent thing that one can do in life. Otherwise, how can anyone explain the condemnable attitude and demeanour of 2 ex senior members of the MMM, Ganoo le gogot and Obeedoobeedoo. They are now the typical religious converts who have this terrible compulsion to prove to their new 'friends' that they can venerate the leader better than the established members can.

So, what can Boolell, Berenger, and Bhagwan do?

1/ They should immediately present a case to the Supreme Court, for no other reason than to see the maniac Phokeer murder the English language in front of their Lordships.  He will be on his own giving evidence and being cross examined, and he will not have the support of those idiotic hooligans in the National Assembly who have been conditioned to show an appreciative laugh even when he lets rip a loud fart...Let us watch the bully having a nervous breakdown in the Supreme Court.

Berenger in particular has a compelling case, because his "You are a contempt!" to the Speaker was met with a " You are the biggest contempt! I order you out!" by the buffoon pretending to be a Speaker. So, if you repeat the 'original' insult and make it worse by qualifying it in personal terms, that gives you the right to act all hurt and to expel the one who uttered the milder insult than you did? Eoula! Al belo roti, do!

All three of them should go to the Supreme Court asap...but watch out for diversionary and time delaying tactics by the buffoon and his army of zavokas...and watch out for the Supreme Court to be less independent and concerned with rights as you have been led to believe.....

2/ All 3 to resign their seats and to make the Speaker the central theme of their by-election campaigns. All 3 will win handsomely, with huge majorities, and that in itself will show the fat oik that, unlike him, they have the support of the people. The byelection campaign will be the ideal opportunity for them to drag the Speaker in the shit that seems to be his natural habitat....

3/ Apologise, but only people with no dignity will do that. How can they apologise to a House made up of the most vile, thieving people on the island, led by a Prime Minister who is a billionaire despite not having done a day's proper work in his life, and a weird thicko as Speaker?

If they apologise, they will in effect be telling the Speaker that his disgusting manner of chairing the House is ok, and the reprehensible conduct of the gangsters on the government side is ok. Do they really want to do that?

So, it is either the Supreme court first and then 3 byelections if, as usual, Their Lordships suffer from terminal constipation and cannot be arsed to lift a finger in order to deal with urgent constitutional matters. Because the way they have dealt with the electoral petitions and with Shakeel Mohamed's complaint against the Speaker would suggest that the reach of la cuisine extends very far....

Mercredi 31 Mars 2021

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