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[Paul Lismore] In memory of a Dickhead who committed suicide live on Air yesterday...Je m'apelle Dick..

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 30 Novembre 2021

[Paul Lismore] In memory of a Dickhead who committed suicide live on Air yesterday...Je m'apelle Dick..
Oui, mes chers compatriotes,
I can proudly claim that I really live up to my name,
as you all saw on radio yesterday.
Not only am I a Dick, 
Not only do I look like a Dick,
I think like a dick too,
And that means I will suck any Dick from any political party,
As long as I get my boutte, sorry my Dick.

Hier, lor Top fm et Radio Plus,
Mo ti flatte MSM et Pravind Jugnauth.
Mai dimoune ki konne moi konner ki mo ene vrai Dick
Ki in bien souce Parti Travayis, PMSD, MMM, 
Parti Ashok Jugnauth ki ti ene mort ne, souce ninporte ki parti
Ki kapav donne moi mo boutte.
Mo ene tipti Dick, malgre ki mo la guele bien grand,
Alor zis ene ti boutte asser pou ene ti Dick kouma moi.

My colleagues at the Bar always whisper amongst themselves
" What a prized Dick we have here!"
Especially when they heard that a quite useless barrister like me
Thought I deserved to be Senior Counsel (S.C.).
I really believed that Chief Judge Balancy would promote me
And when I heard that my name was not on the list,
I immediately messaged his cousin in Australia
And begged him to " Bro, koz ek to cousin,
Mo pa lor la liste SC
Avoy li ene message.
Remind li ki nou p soutenir li 
Contre Narghis Bundhun
Nou p dire Narghis step down...
Dire to cousin li unfair si li pa nomme moi"

Yes, Dick, our prized idiot Dick,
Who could yet become Senior Counsel
If the ti cretin insists on corrupting our judiciary too
After having corrupted everything else.

Aster ki mo en sarz ICTA, et mo lor Board IBA,
Guet kouma mo achieve mo lanbition vine Bhai Looke Nimero 1 dan Moriste!
Laisse mo dire zot kifer boukou dire ki mo sexually depraved:

1/ Freemason Lodge Grand Orient de France ti bour moi deor
    Parski mo ti p harass madame ene " Lodge Brother"
    Et mo ti avoy lettres anonymes lor li a so enployeur....
2/ Mo ex madame ti akiz moi ki mo ena "violent disposition"
    Et ti ena cases/allegations of domestic violence kont moi
    Pending the divorce.
3/ ICAC ti poursuiv moi lor triangaz lor billets avion
   Mai mo ti "serein" et " Zis Bon Dier koner ki mo inosan"
   Et la cour ti largue moi....

My colleagues at the Bar poke fun at my accent,
Which is sort of pidgin Cockney/Chinese/ English
But I think it is quite quaint....
Nevertheless, I have a complex about this
And that is why I claim that my father was a businessman when
The truth is he was a bookmaker....
I know I look like Fu Manchu, 
(Despite my "mixed blood")
Esp during the period when my moustache was at twenty to four....
Which made me look like a real dick.

In my little mind, I am Pu Yi,
The last emperor of China,
But deep down I know I am
No Chinese Royalty but a Sinoi noir...

Having read the above, be fair
And you will agree with me
That there is no one better qualified than me
To be our National, Numero Uno,
Online Bhai Lookhe/Peeping Tom!

So, all you lovely ladies who love sending nudes
To men who don't deserve you like my gorgeous self does,
Soon, with the Cybercrime Act, I will see your pics before your loved one does!
And if my Fu Manchu moustache rises up too high,
I will keep some of your pics
For "scientific research"
In the privacy of my bedroom.....
Li bon, li pa bon, my sexy ladies?

So, mes chers compatriotes,
Especially you gorgeous ladies,
Never forget!
I am called Dick because I am, I think, and I behave like one.
I think all women love Dick
Because Dick believes he is soooo good.
That is why when I talk,
I tend to spit a lot,
So that you ladies can guess how slippery it will be
When your dream comes true and you have Dick....

Soon, Dick will also enter inside all our homes, 
Our phones, our computers,
Our radios (apart from Radio ChatWa..zaa)...
And if Lepep Kouyon doesn't do anything NOW,
We will be well and truly Fucked!
And it will be too late
When you realise that 
You and your wife/girlfriend 
Have a bhai lookhe watching every thrust...
And Dick playing with himself, and spitting from his mouth and his Dick...

So, if you want to listen to the radio,
Come to Dick and, as a bonus, he will insure your car 
Whilst he tests the rear suspension with you.
But only once a year!
Parski Dick sitan bon ki ki koir
Ki bizin partaz Dick avek zot tou, non?

Never forget! Dick aims to please,
Even when he kisses you and says "I love you",
A large dollop of his spit enters your mouth...
He is so stupid he will think
That he is so good that
He can make you orgasm at the mouth too...
Even though it is his spit that is dribbling out of your mouth.

Dick, the arrogant little oik,
Who is so full of himself and so shameless
That he will tell everyone
" Mo Dick la extra sa! Mo fer li
Desarz par la bousse tou!"

Mardi 30 Novembre 2021

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