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[Paul Lismore] If fake contrition and sycophantic deference means...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 30 Juillet 2018

If fake contrition and sycophantic deference means absolvement and no further investigation, no wonder our lovely thugs/rapists/murderers all say " Mo dimane la cour exkiz, mo bien sagrin seki mo in fer" in court when found guilty. In their case, they are still sentenced,and rightly so, unlike some zavokas at the drugs commission inquiry...

[Paul Lismore] If fake contrition and sycophantic deference means...
Let me first of all say that the Commission on Drugs inquiry has done a good job, most certainly in highlighting the many areas of concern about our institutions that we have all been aware of for years but which have apparently escaped the attention of our serviteurs du pays and their apologists.

Too many of us have too often voiced our outrage at the terrible lack of professionalism of all those bodies charged with combating drug trafficking and locking up the big suppliers.

I have often raged about the indisputable fact that we, Lepep Admirab, know the identity of all the drugs dealers in our locality, we can see how suddenly some individuals have embarked on a life style of luxury and ostentatious prodigality, and how we often tell each other:

"Mai si nou koner kisan la ki in vine marsan la drog, kifer la police, la douane, ICAC, FIU, ban politiciens pa koner? Zot lizier dan zot fesse? Ou zot p tap gro commission lor protection ki zot donne sa ban vanpires la?"

The answer is now official: Yes, we have many corrupt police officers, prison officers, customs officers, zavokas, etc, and I have no doubt that the list inevitably will include some magistrates and judges too, if we use the example of some corrupt judges and magistrates in other countries as a yardstick.

It simply does not make sense for this small island to be constantly flooded with illegal, dangerous drugs and for the culprits to behave as if they are the embodiment of law abiding citizens who rub shoulders with the great and the good.

The days of notorious drugs dealers being VIP guests at the Garden parties at le Reduit when SAJ was Prime Minister in the eighties have now been replaced with Chief inspectors of police attending weddings of the children of major drugs dealers, of our police Commissioner hastily approving and signing the passport of another major drugs dealer, of a DCP being apparently and very mysteriously despatched by the PMO to visit Navin Kistnah when he was in custody in Mozambique, of customs officers who have never been bothered to check even one used or brand new imported cars for any illicit drugs, of Port Louis harbour and port being more open and accessible than a back street Thai brothel, of immigration, airport staff, pilots, baggage handlers, etc being allowed to roam in restricted areas even on the days when they are supposed to be off duty, of zavokas behaving with the arrogance which we all deplore and which allowed them to make as many unsolicited visits to major drugs dealers as they felt like doing, of Gulbul the Bulbul being put in charge of the Gambling useless Authority when we know that only an individual with impeccable integrity and probity could do something about the huge amount of money laundering that goes on with bookmakers and our casinos.

It would be easier and more practical to make a list of failures of all these institutions than to wallow aimlessly, like Pravin Jugnauth is doing, in the quite meaningless figures of the increase in number of confiscated drugs this year.

The increase leads to a rather paradoxical conclusion:

How come that despite all these well publicised arrests/confiscations with an astronomical amount of money being given regarding the value of those drugs, we know that there is no shortage of drugs on this island and that in fact, the number of users has increased significantly in the last 3 years?

Which leads one to the cynical view that too much is being made of the arrests of a few pasties and not enough is being made of the fact that the major drugs dealers can still carry on with impunity.

Back the Drugs Commission Report:

Only the churlish and the fake revolutionaries will ignore this glaring fact: that in an island of deep seated prejudices and rank hypocrisy, at last we have had a judge who has opened the door for a proper, objective discussion on the absolute nonsense of harassing ganja smokers and ruining their lives.

Hitherto, hardly any politician has ever voiced the argument that compared to the other illegal drugs and the legal ones like tobacco and alcohol, marijuana is relatively harmless, and that no one has ever died from smoking the weed.

One can only hope now that the government will initiate a real discussion on this topic, and that those politicians who get their instructions from their so called men of God will kindly shut the fuck up and let objective people discuss rationally a subject that has for far too long been allowed to destroy the lives of people through punitive measures.

This is also the first time that I recall anyone in authority mentioning the enormous scandal of those who believe that their shit smells so nice that it allows them to float around the VIP lounge of Plaisance with suitcases that have not been searched, and which many suspect contain not just goodies for the kids and for distant relatives but the hard stuff too.

I so wish that one of the recommendations of the Drugs Commission was along these words:
I now come to the gist of this post, and I am afraid Judge Paul Lam Shang Leen has made a rod for his own back by being perceived as favouring some zavokas over others.

He is right to ask for further, in depth, inquiries into the affairs of Gulbul, Roubina Jadoo, Khandai, Rampoortab, and others.

But why take such an emollient, over generous attitude towards some other zavokas and thereby let them get away with it?

The king of unsolicited visits to drugs dealers, Kailash Trilochun, is let off because he showed 'respect and due deference' to the Commission and will not be investigated.

As neither will Samad Goolamally, Ashley Hurrangee who are deemed to be quite close to the Judge, and who, lest we forget, were both with Gulbul on that notorious trip to St Pierre during the electoral campaign in order to collect millions of rupees from another " man of God", allegedly.

What about Tisha Shamloll and her very, very close friend (now husband?) Shakeel Boyroo of the DPP's office, appearing in the same bail application of a drugs dealer, one for the defence and the other for the prosecution?

Doesn't this warrant further investigation as a conflict of interest, at the very least?

Why wasn't Gavin Glover who apparently has represented more drugs dealers than almost any other zavoka, not even called by the commission to answer questions about the methods of payment by his clients?

Is it because, as some wicked tongues are alleging, that the Judge is often called to chair arbitration proceedings where Gavin Glover represents one party?

Arbitration proceedings are highly lucrative matters for their Honour, you know...

As much as I despise Roubina Jadoo Jaunboccus for being inept and promoted way beyond her abilities, I have to say that she has a point on this issue.

And Judge Paul Lam Shang Leen has dug a hole for himself by allowing this perception of bias and preferential treatment.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that the Commission was wrong in asking for in depth investigations into the zavokas and others. Far from it.

If Pravin Jugnauth had any sense, he would first of all ignore the crap advice of his gopia advisers and ensure that the comite interministeriel that he will chair deals with the recommendations of the inquiry with utmost urgency.

To prevaricate at this stage or just simply hoping that the next scandal will make these Commission findings pale into insignificance will only add fuel to the widely held view that he lacks gravitas and that his days are numbered.

And whoever told him to keep repeating " Navin Chandra Ramgoolam" when he talks about the Commission findings ought to have his/her head examined...and then shot.

Because what all this does is to highlight one glaring fact: The 2 Drugs commissions in 1986 and 2018 have only identified MSM members as being very pally with drugs dealers. No member of the PTr has been mentioned....and no members of the PMSD and MMM either. So, it makes no sense at all for PJ to keep on mentioning Navin Ramgoolam's name. All that it does is to highlight the fact that only MSM people have been identified by the Drugs Commission and no members of any other party...

The other major omission of the Drugs Commission is in not asking zom la cuisine Dewdanee, Kistnah, and a few other big names in the drugs dealing world to give evidence.

As well as being rather careless with its finding on Shameer Hussenbocus, where the judge says that property was bought " hors de la vue du notaire", when I know for a fact that the notarial deeds state that payment was made in the office of the notary.

But as I said, I think the report is a good one and breaks new ground.

Could have been better of course, but it is an excellent start for others to work on and to implement its recommendations as soon as possible, assuming they really want to bring a meaningful combat kont la drog....instead of boring us with their 'mo pou kasse le rein mafia la drog', or 'mo pou pendi zot' when so far they have really done next to fuck all...and the mafia continues to flourish.....

Lundi 30 Juillet 2018

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