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[Paul Lismore] If Pravind Jugnauth had any political intelligence, he would...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 17 Avril 2021

[Paul Lismore] If Pravind Jugnauth had any political intelligence, he would...
1/ Get rid of all his so called advisers who have so far impressed us with their incredible stupidity and political naivety. No man should ever have to suffer so many nincompoops surrounding him and, worse, proffering advice that only halfwits and cretins would. 

Pravind Jugnauth ought to surely know that most of his crazy decisions stem from the crap advice of these good for nothing dunces masquerading as human beings with a few atoms of intelligence shared equally between them. Get rid of this army of human detritus and avail yourself of the services of a few politically savvy, knowledgeable, and objective individuals asap.

2/ Present a motion to the National Assembly that a mature democracy cannot function properly in the enforced absence of two of the three leaders of the opposition parties, and a senior member too. Be the bigger man and show the world that you value our democracy, and that the impression given that you have subverted our democracy with the "tyranny of numbers", as Arvind Boolell accurately puts it, is something that you regret and wish to rectify.

The longer these three are kept out of the National Assembly and, lest we forget, on a motion shamefully presented by you with the connivance of a Speaker hated by everyone, and seconded by the arsehole sat next to you, the more people will see that you are no democrat at all. As I said, be the bigger man, and let people voted in by their constituents take their rightful place in the National Assembly. Refusing to do so will confirm the widely held view that  the National Assembly is but one in a long list of institutions now firmly in the grip of the MSM.

3/ Be more visible. Hiding yourself at home or wherever you spend your time is not the behaviour of a credible Prime Minister. Make yourself visible on Facebook, get the idiot nominated to be in charge of our "film industry" to video you in some short, well crafted speeches. 

When a population feels worried about our economic situation and the Covid 19 disaster, it is your job, your duty, part of your sacred covenant as PM to reassure us with direct messages. Getting Jagutpal and his Gang of Two Idiots to do it is like asking Ravi Rutnah to give a seminar on Advanced Mathematics to Oxford science students aiming for their PhD...It just doesn't work!

When people all around the country feel that you don't listen and that you only listen to your chatwas and the vile bastards using God, ethnicity, and religion in order to play politics with us, it is incumbent upon you as PM to reassure us that equality of opportunity will henceforth be the objective of the government. 

The above is the first instalment of a "What if" series of posts on what Pravind Jugnauth should do if he wants to save his skin. I will do a separate series of "What if" on the opposition parties too.

Samedi 17 Avril 2021

1.Posté par KIPKA le 18/04/2021 16:13
Resolutions censees,mais malheureusement tombant dans l'oreille d'un sourd..............

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