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[Paul Lismore] If Pravind Jugnauth had any political intelligence, he would...Part II

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 20 Avril 2021

[Paul Lismore] If Pravind Jugnauth had any political intelligence, he would...Part II
In the previous post in this series, I wrote: " Confinement has allowed the ti cretin to behave like a spoilt brat and to refuse to give WAPs to the opposition, which means they can only go out on Mondays and Tuesdays. A politically savvy Pravind Jugnauth would ignore his stupid advisers and immediately provide the opposition MPs with the WAPs required for them to do their jobs as Constituency MPs. That will help to give people the impression that he is the bigger man."

If Pravind Jugnauth had any political intelligence, he would...

Predictably, he chose to ignore that suggestion, and instead was forced to issue the WAPs as otherwise he would have had to give evidence at the Supreme Court. Someone really needs to tell him what proactivity means...

Let me help him with the official definition of "proactivity": "self-initiated behavior that endeavours to solve a problem before it has occurred. Proactive behavior involves acting in advance of a future situation, rather than reacting."

I also suggested to him that he should " Present a motion to the National Assembly that a mature democracy cannot function properly in the enforced absence of two of the three leaders of the opposition parties, as well as that of a senior member too. Be the bigger man and show the world that you value our democracy, and that the impression given that you have subverted our democracy with the "tyranny of numbers", as Arvind Boolell accurately puts it, is something that you regret and wish to rectify.

The longer these three are kept out of the National Assembly and, lest we forget, on a motion shamefully presented by you with the connivance of a Speaker hated by everyone, and seconded by the arsehole sat next to you, the more people will see that you are no democrat at all. As I said, be the bigger man, and let people voted in by their constituents take their rightful place in the National Assembly. Refusing to do so will confirm the widely held view that the National Assembly is but one in a long list of institutions now firmly in the grip of the MSM."

Predictably, he has chosen to ignore this too, and now the three B's, Boolell, Berenger, and Bhagwan, have rather tardively, submitted affidavits to the Supreme Court proclaiming that their expulsion from the National Assembly was anti constitutional.

A politically savvy Pravind Jugnauth would have presented a motion to the National Assembly asking for their return, and thereby obviate the need for these affidavits. But I am afraid our Prime Minister remains either childishly stubborn or is just plain stupid. He would rather suffer the humiliation of being ordered by a Chief Judge to do the decent, democratic thing than to be proactive and give the impression that he knows what he is doing.

Despite my severe reservations about our Chief Judge, I cannot see how he could possibly refuse to act on the affidavits of the 3 B's and order their reinstatement....unless if he wants to provide further confirmation that he is just another tool of la cuisine and that, irrespective of the damage to our democracy, he would always side with those hell bent on raping our constitution.

The incredible delay in treating the electoral petitions with the alacrity and seriousness that they deserve has already caused terrible damage to the reputation of the Chief Judge and the Judiciary. One would have to be pretty stupid and thick skinned to now say that it is constitutionally ok to keep the leaders of the 2 main opposition parties out of the National Assembly until the next elections....

So, Pravind Jugnauth, keep listening to your stupid advisers and keep admiring the apron that you love wearing in la cuisine. Hopefully, by the time the next elections come, and for your own sake, you would have grasped the rather basic idea that one of the main characteristics of leadership is the ability to be proactive... 

Because T Squares, dodgy computers, deceitful electoral rolls, and all the dubious paraphernalia behind your 37% of the votes at the last general elections happen only once in a lifetime..

Mardi 20 Avril 2021

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