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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 20 Juin 2021

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea means having to make a choice between two equally unpleasant courses of action when caught in a difficult situation: do we accept the unarguable fact that the 2015 SAJ government of destroyers and arsonists had as its central ravager and demolisher someone who had been at the National Assembly for less than 3 months? and that during that short space of time, Roshi Badhain was in the vanguard of the destructive forces out to destroy the only conglomerate not in the hands of the "Grand Blancs", BAI, whilst simultaneously sinking the only oil tanker in Mauritian hands, Betamax? 

One can also add the fact that for the first time in our political history, we had 2 ministers of the republic (including one who became Prime Minister 3 years later...), and our most infamous fraudster Rakesh Gooljaury holding against their will 2 Swiss citizens in the luxury flat at Kensington Heights, Quatre Bornes, of our Attorney General?

Can you imagine this? In our so called democracy, 1/ the son of the then Prime Minister and now our current Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, 2/ Roshi Bhadain, blue eyed boy of SAJ , newly elected and madly overambitious minister, 3/ the highest Law officer in the land, the Attorney General Ravi Yerigrodoudou, and 4/ Rakesh Gooljaury, who has defrauded our banks so far out of nearly one billion rupees. All four of them held the two Swiss nationals hostage in the AG's flat and even warned them that they would be arrested if they tried to leave the country. 

The affidavit that the 2 Swiss Nationals swore soon afterwards remains unanswered to this day, and Jangi and his mob p enkor etidier dossier la....

At that time, our current Chief Avenger, Rama Valayden, declared that " il y a des «éléments très dérangeants pour le pays». Il soutient que «ces informations méritent qu’une enquête serrée et en toute transparence soit menée»." But you know what it is like with selective amnesia and synthetic outrage for the benefit of the press only: it does not last very long, and Rama has long forgotten about this nasty stain in our democracy....

Four years ago, just before Roshi Badhain resigned from the National Assembly, I wrote this: " Roshi loves to hog the limelight, doesn't he? Show Roshi Bhadain the switch, and he will immediately step under the spotlight and grab as much attention as he can. But don't blame him for this...after all, the sine qua non of anyone making a career in politics is precisely to get oneself as often as possible in the public eye, usually for good reasons. Unfortunately, Roshi Bhadain has so far peppered his political career with many ridiculous attempts to grab all the attention away from his political colleagues/opponents, whilst more cautious politicians have cunningly slipped into the background once they have lit the fuse wire, and then gratefully accepted the decision by Roshi Bhadain to promote the resultant carnage around him as an act of superb patriotism...BAI/Bramer, and Betamax, are the 2 major examples of thoughtless opportunism and calculated cynicism that will shackle this island with debts that will cripple our already bleak future, and will forever tarnish his image." 

I also added, again 4 years ago " The unconscionable breach of our Constitution, esp para 8 (1) " No property of any description shall be compulsorily taken possessionof, and no interest in or right over property of any description shall be compulsorilyacquired" and (c)(i) " provision is made by a law applicable to that taking of possessionor acquisition— (i) for the payment of adequate compensation".

We will pay dearly for this as we will have to find around Rs 6 billions in compensation for Betamax to be followed by $ 1 billion for BAI/Bramer. Well done, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo and Roshi Badhain!"

For Roshi Bhadain now to once again indulge in his nauseating game of "Pa moi sa, li sa" is an insult to our intelligence. His zombies and the idiots who worship him may swallow everything that he force feeds them, but the facts are very clear: Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo lit the fuse in both the Betamax and BAI cases and then cunningly withdrew to a very safe distance;  a very naive but indecently ambitious Roshi Badhain gleefully carried both fuses in his hands, showed the world what a great 'patriot' he is with specially commandeered huge TV screens at the MBC for him to 'explain' the Ponzi that never was...until they exploded in his hands, and his blackened face is reduced to whimpering, "Pa moi sa, li sa!".

The fact remains, and I am sure his zombies remember clearly how Badhain was the one promoting himself as the genius who had destroyed Betamax and BAI.

The thousand images and words speak for themselves, that here was a man who was prepared to do anything in order to advance his political career. If it meant destroying the lives of so many innocent people who were arrested, locked up, and released on cautions so prohibitively expensive that they proved beyond doubt that we most certainly do not have a 'free. fair, and independent" judiciary, so be it. Roshi was on an unstoppable rampage to promote himself as the true heir of SAJ...The facts clearly show that EVERY ONE of those arrested and accused has had their cases thrown out!

But fair play to the man. You have to admire the chutzpah of a man who can get the daughter of his main victim, Dawood Rawat, to admit at a public meeting of his party, that despite all the evidence that hits you in the chops,  " Roshi pa ti kraz BAI!". As you know, no one has written more extensively on BAI than yours truly, and when I saw and heard that, I decided that I was wasting my time....

The fact that Bhadain has turned out to be the most effective opposition campaigner against this government of thieves does not excuse his criminal excesses of the past. But it does make one wonder what he will do should he once again find himself in a position of power in our very mediocre democracy. One shudders at the nightmarish possibility, in case he has not changed at all....

By the way, how does a man earn his living if he has not been working since 2017, has no pension, has no recognisable source of income, brags that most of his legal work is pro bono (i.e. free), has no recognisable assets that would explain his comfortable lifestyle, etc, etc.. And to cap it all, he somehow manages to get the most modern and expensive IT/Hi fi gadgets for his public meetings? Miracle man who is an expert at "zet la poudre divan lizier"?

Dimanche 20 Juin 2021

1.Posté par Neutral le 20/06/2021 17:54
Know thyself.

Mauritius loadful of self proclaimed saviours, how they maintain the replenishment of funds to carry on the show.

Who gets the post of prime minister if the opposition wins next election.

Close to daily spiritual pursuits they proclaimed. Former and latest self style holier than thou, they busied "arrache mauvais herbes, Next one spend time in meditation inside cave, followed by construction of temples at Grand Bassin, not missing pilgrimage walk show, recall the free offer of dates, Batu Cave visit, and rings from godmen ; and list carry on.

Just read that cactus juice much better than coconut water. May prospect this as business venture and derived funds. Most constructive endeavour and clean money earnings.

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