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[Paul Lismore] IPCC that is as Independent as the other "independent" bodies created by corrupt politicians

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 4 Mai 2022

Wise people in Mauritius know that there is no word that has been more grossly abused than the word "Independent" when put in front of organisations financed by the taxpayer, and which end up doing the exact opposite of what they were designed to do. Let me name just 2 "Independent" bodies that work as if their Headquarters are in La Kwizinn, c/o Angus Road.

1/ INDEPENDENT Broadcasting Authority, chaired by an individual who still acts like the taxi driver he used to be, and still asking the person who pays him, " Kot ou envi mo amene ou?". The IBA remains one of our most disgusting symbols of how far we have slipped down the democratic ladder....

2/ This one needs no introduction at all. As soon as the name is mentioned, most decent people react as if they have seen a real chuttur ka mou in front of them...Yes, ICAC, about as independent as the Gestapo was to Adolf Hitler...ICAC remains the incredibly corrupt, biased, and unindependent sewer that it has always been, and more so under the long tenureship of Navin Beeharry, a shameless individual who has the dubious distinction of appearing for the defence in the appeal on the Medpoint case brought by ICAC itself!

There are many other "INDEPENDENT" monstrosities that have been created by politicians simply to give lots of our money to their friends, but I don't wish to torture your frail souls with traumatic memories of how useless they really are...but I am sure you get the picture...

But let us get back to the IPCC. It became operational as of 9th April 2018, with the specific mandate to "ensure that fundamental human rights of citizens are respected." I will be very grateful, indeed orgasmically delighted if anyone, including any chatwa, could give me any examples of actual cases where the IPCC has fulfilled that primary objective. How many investigations have they carried out which have led to successful prosecution of any psychopathic gablou?

Come on! They have been in post for the last 4 years, and not even one case so far? That level of failure would suggest that a career in batt kk pou fer mastik would have been more productive for the 3 geniuses running the IPCC....

The Chairman of the IPCC is  Mrs Deviyanee Beesoondoyal, a retired judge whose contract was renewed this year.  One can safely assume that her salary as IPCC chairman and retired judge should bring her around Rs 400,000 every month. Remember, judges continue to draw their full pay as pension, irrespective of how well or how badly they carried out their judicial functions....It is hard to imagine her risking her monthly Rs 400,000 plus perks and privileges by going against the people who nominated her, non?

This is what the blurb on the IPCC says. But please don't read it if you are drinking a hot cup of tea because it is likely to make you choke with disbelief:
" Core Values Independence - We serve the public objectively, impartially and free from any interference and without fear or favour.
Integrity- We are guided by the highest standards of professional ethics.
Quality - We are committed to providing the highest quality services to the nation.
Timeliness - We are responsive and strive to meet set targets.
Confidentiality - We treat all personal information and documents in strict confidentiality.
Equity - We are honest, friendly and courteous and guided by the principle of fairness and social justice."

If you can find any complainant that will tell you, yes, the IPCC lives up to all these ideals, I would ask you to advise him or her to immediately change their psychiatrist.... Let me give you some names of previous members of the IPCC: Phalraj Servansingh, a full time member of the MSM. The "Phaal Curry" is generally acknowledged as the hottest curry of them all, but Phalraj is not even tepid... Dick Fu Man Chu, the idiot at ICTA, the arrogant oik who makes decent people want to vomit as soon as his name is mentioned.
Viren Ramchurn, gran revolutioner MMM ki in sote barrier et p lave vaisselles dan la kwizinn...

Fuck knows whether those last 2 are still there, but would anyone notice their absence if they weren't?
Why am I writing about the IPCC? Because I heard Teeluckdharry say today outside court that " nou p al IPCC!". Haha! Sa pou fer ban gablous trenbler! 

All that I can say is good luck to that mission impossible of getting the "INDEPENDENT" whatever to do or say anything against la police Jugnauth...As they say, in our etat de droit, some people really believe in the maxim, "Never bite the hand that feeds you"...In other words, some people like to feed and feed themselves way too much for them to be bothered by little things like ethics or integrity...

By the way, ex Judge Devyanee Beessoondoyal , Chairman of the IPCC, was rewarded with a GCSK, for services rendered to la kwizinn, sorry the country...I will revive another post tomorrow about the large number of absolutely useless organisations created by politicians in order to protect themselves, and to give their creepy friends incredibly well paid jobs that they are singularly ill qualified to perform...

Mercredi 4 Mai 2022

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