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[Paul Lismore] IPCC: Another useless organisation to provide cushy jobs for friends of politicians

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 20 Janvier 2021

Independent Police Complaints Commission...Wise people in Mauritius know that there is no word that has been more grossly abused than the word " Independent" when put in front of organisations financed by the taxpayer to do the exact opposite of what they are meant to do.

You want proof?

Think INDEPENDENT Broadcasting Authority, chaired by an individual who still acts like the taxi driver he used to be, and still asking the person who pays him, " Kot ou envi mo amene ou?".INDEPENDENT Commission against Corruption, and I am sure you don't need me to tell you how incredibly corrupt and "unindependent" that sewer really is...

There must be some other "INDEPENDENT" monstrosities that have been created by politicians simply to give lots of our money to their friends, but I don't wish to torture your frail souls with traumatic memories of how useless they really are...but I am sure you get the picture...

Let us get back to the IPCC.

It became operational as of 9th April 2018, with the specific mandate to " ensure that fundamental human rights of citizens are respected." I will be very grateful, indeed orgasmically delighted if anyone, including any chatwa, could give me any examples of actual cases where the IPCC has fulfilled that primary objective. How many investigations have they carried out which have led to successful prosecution of any psychopathic gablou?

Come on! They have been in post for the last 3 years, and not even one case so far? That level of failure would suggest that a career in batt kk pou fer mastik would have been more productive for the 3 geniuses running the IPCC....

INDEPENDENT Police Complaints Commission....Let us see how independent the 3 members really are:

1/  Mrs Deviyanee Beesoondoyal is a retired judge, so one can safely assume that her salary as IPCC chairman and retired judge should bring her around Rs 400,000 every month. Remember, judges continue to draw their full pay as pension, irrespective of how well or how badly they carry out their judicial functions....It is hard to imagine her risking her monthly Rs 400,000 plus perks and privileges by going against the people who nominated her, non? 

2/ The full time member of the IPCC is a full time member of the MSM, Phalraj Servansingh. You must surely remember this 'independent' member who sacrificed his nomination as Chairman of Smeda in order to campaign openly for the MSM at the last general elections...So, the Rs 75,000 (or even more, as fuck knows exactly how much these patriotes take from us every month...) he draws as a full time member plus all the other privileges must hopefully serve as adequate compensation for his 'sacrifice''. As Xavier Duval said in 2018, " Xavier-Luc Duval rappelle que Phalraj Servansingh est un ancien candidat du MSM, un ancien adjoint au lord-maire et ex-directeur général de la défunte SMEDA. «Li kler li enn aktivis notwar MSM.»   

3/ The third member is Viren Ramchurn, gran revolutioner MMM who sote barrier in November 2019 and joined the MSM, and was nominated as part time member of the IPCC 3 months later in February 2020. 

So, we have 2 confirmed MSM agents in the IPCC, plus a judge whose incredible remuneration must give rise to some doubts re her independence from those who nominated her...

Why am I writing about the IPCC? Because I read an article in today's L'Express detailing the quite atrocious behaviour (allegedly..) of some police officers towards a friend of Kistnen. " Accompagné de son avocate Lovena Sowkhee, il a porté plainte à l'Independent Police Complaints Commission, ou ce qui devrait être "la police des polices", ce mercredi 20 janvier."

All that I can say is good luck to that mission impossible of getting the "INDEPENDENT" whatever to do or say anything against la police Jugnauth...As they say, in our etat de droit, some people really believe in the maxim, "Never bite the hand that feeds you"...In other words, some people like to feed and feed themselves way too much for them to be bothered by little things like ethics or integrity...

Finally, and the pot bellied katoris will hate this little fact: The IPCC is run by 3 Hindus when statistics show that the vast majority of police complaints are made by Creoles...Very "INDEPENDENT", non?

Mercredi 20 Janvier 2021

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