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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 17 Juillet 2020

1/ The MBC will investigate the manipulation of images that its own centre of Fake, Crap, totally biased 'news' manufactured! Yes, 5 days after I gave the names of the 3 idiots responsible for the terrible crime of referring to themselves as 'journalists' when in fact they are nothing but incompetent criminals shameless enough to brag about the fact that they love licking the arses of anyone in la cuisine....

5 days later, that horrible, nasty, suppurating pimple on the face of the earth, Anooj Ramsurrun, will investigate the dirty work of the mercenaries that he himself employs and cajoles to be more unprofessional and more biased every day. The same idiot who has told the little Hitler to employ the best hackers in order to locate me....Good luck with that, arsehole!

As I used to say, vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la!

2/ Our chief launderette manager, the chuttur ka mou in charge of ICAC, complained to the Parliamentary Committee for ICAC that he did not leave the USA in order to be insulted here.

A whole nation replies: " Please go anywhere else you would like to go, as long as it is not Mauritius, and we are sure you will be insulted there just as well as you have very deservedly been insulted here" . And in any other democracy where the Rule of Law really exists, you would have been locked up a long time ago for taking hundreds of thousands of rupees every month from the taxpayer whilst doing fuck all, and worse, for defining "Independent" as " whatever the little Hitler tells me to do"...

3/ In my 'final' post yesterday, I included the article from Pierrot Dupuy, the well known journalist from la Reunion, where he said that he will never visit Mauritius whilst the Little Hitler is rapidly turning it into a dictatorship.

Today, the President of the Association Franco-Mauricienne confirmed that Pierrot Dupuy risks arrest as soon as he lands at Plaisance, should Pierrot ever be stupid enough to visit us. No other Prime Minister has ever behaved so much like a dictator like the Little Hitler has been doing. The team conceived in Hell of Little Hitler, Lady Macbeth, copious amounts of Sherry, and a supporting cast of hundreds of soucerres in la cuisine is causing an incredible amount of damage to the island, to the fabric of our society, to our economy, to our environment, to everything that once made us proud to call ourselves Mauritians.

4/ Another example of where the Little Hitler is destroying the very fabric of our society:

I told you in a recent post how he is causing untold damage to the Hindu community by appointing the most retarded, ugliest and most useless members of that community to highly paid posts, and to the exclusion of the Creoles, Muslims, Chinese, Whites, and every one else on this island.

After the Dulthaidiot as Head of our Museums when most of us would like to see him stuffed and kept in one, we now have possibly the most stupid and irritating woman on our island, the Banbara Boygah, in the post manufactured specially for her of General Manager of the Mauritius Standards Bureau.

Yes, an individual with no standards and with no experience or qualifications for the post, has been nominated by the Little Hitler to replace the lady, Rashida Nanhuck, who has worked for that org for at least 30 years, and who had been the Acting Head for eight years! Ala meritocrasi, version the Little Hitler and his fucking la cuisine!

5/ Last but not least:

Instead of providing a world class education and encouraging the right atmosphere for students to flourish in the prime of their youth, Our University of Mauritius is busily engaged in trying to get rid of one of its very, very few lecturers with any credibility, Rajen Narsinghen.

As usual, a Commission bidon was rapidly organised in order to do the dirty deed. In the meantime, the University of Mauritius is ranked 85th in Africa in terms of " la qualité des cours, la recherche et la mobilité académique."

Yes, in the Africa that many like to believe is less advanced than our island! In other words, our UoM is worse than shit, and is well ranked at 15,000th or so amongst the  universities of the world...And those shameless, big heads at the UoM walk around as if they are Professors at Harvard or Cambridge!

All that in just one day! How can I miss out on this level of fun by abandoning you? 

So, what I will do from now on is to write a post elsewhere, log on to Facebook and copy/paste it here, add some links if necessary, and then log out. I won't have time to like or comment on your posts and I hope you will understand why. I doubt whether those 10 minutes will give the hackers of the Little Hitler and the arsehole at the MBC enough time to even smell my fart, never mind hacking me.
Can't wait for more world shattering records by the Little Hitler for tomorrow...

Vendredi 17 Juillet 2020

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