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[Paul Lismore] " IN POLITICS, STUPIDITY IS NOT A HANDICAP "---Napoleon Bonaparte

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 20 Janvier 2020

Mauritius has had more than its fair share of idiots in politics, and it would not be straying into the realms of hyperbole to suggest that it is often quite difficult to detect any signs of active brain cells in the heads of most of our past and current politicians....except that part of the brain, of course, which remains in a state of persistent hyperactivity with the words "commissions" and "bribes" pinging loudly against each other.

Our political landscape is littered with the terrible sight of zombies abjectly begging their leader for a ticket at the elections, presumably to servi pays but who end up being the slaves of those hideous, self appointed representatives of God. Those who were fortunate enough (not for us!) to get a ticket will then spend the next five years doing sod all apart from now and again expressing their profound admiration for their leader, who hopefully will continue to hold them in the contempt that idiots with loud mouths deserve.

Do our politicians become more stupid as they grow older? The evidence would suggest so.

Otherwise, why would Navin Ramgoolam tell the world that some unnamed priest had convinced him that standing as candidate in number 10 would bring him success, as opposed to Constituency number 5 that used to adore him and which kicked him out for good reason in 2014 due to his numerous excesses and limitless arrogance during 2005-2014? Why would SAJ tell the world that "mo piss ar zot" when old age had obviously made his bladder weak? An admittedly crude and ill mannered SAJ would have never said this in earlier days.

The biggest tragedy remains the man who was the hero of hundreds of thousands of Mauritians in the Seventies and early eighties. He was a real breath of fresh air in the stale world of corrupt politics, and his undoubted courage in taking up lost causes for workers endeared him to all sections of the population.

Those were the days when the MMM was a truly national party, where its candidates would get elected anywhere on the island, and had not yet transmogrified into the party of minorities which it has now become. I am of course referring to Berenger, the man who gave so much hope to a whole population until some idiot convinced him of the merits of the devil's spawn known as ''Communalisme scientifique".

Berenger became such an avid fan of this nonsense that I doubt there is any Mauritian who knows the caste system better than the Great Revolutionary himself...not that it has done much good to either him or the party he has led for fifty years.

Unfortunately, Berenger has now become a prisoner of the people he gives tickets to and who owe their allegiance not to the nation as a whole but to sectarian interests linked primarily to religion. We now have elected Members of Parliament who will obey the diktats of some Imam or priest before voting on any law that affects ALL of us.

We had prime examples of this during the abortion debates of 2012, when ALL the parties, except some members of the MMM, decided that the voice of some self appointed representatives of God matter far more than the voice of the people....or the rights of women to have full, autonomous control of their own bodies.

Who can forget the quite incredible contribution of Lysie Ribot, MMM MLA, to the parliamentary debate when she said without a hint of shame or even doubt that that there was little chance of unwanted pregnancies as a result of rape because the victim apparently releases a hormone to counter the sperm of the rapist....yes, all true! check in Hansard. She also said that women who had abortions, were also more likely to have road accidents and get cancer of the cervix, which of course is an absolute nonsense.

Another MMM MLA, Jean Claude Barbier, told parliament that God had personally spoken to him about what to say in “the august Assembly”, and therefore he would vote against liberalising the abortion laws! Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la, when God took centre stage in our National Assembly.

Uteem and Adil Ameer Meeah and some others had to seek guidance from their imams first before voting. I am fairly sure that Shakeel Mohamed also needed to be told by his imam which way to vote, perhaps because he did not want to be left out...

We now come to the Children's Bill which, after decades of prevarication and Women's ministers preferring to stick their fingers up their arses instead of using them to write the new law...We have a new Minister who, at the very least, has shown enormous courage and a desire to fully live up to the ministerial responsibilities that she has been given, and who will table the new law soon. One of the requirements will be to make ALL marriages below the age of 18 illegal, in line with the principles enunciated by the United Nations.

Guess what? Berenger is already indulging in his favourite game of rode li pou poule dan trou fesse kok. Apparently, his main argument to counter this, no doubt helped by the Imam's whispers in Mia Mia's and Reza's ears, is this: " B ki ariver si ene mamzel enceinte a laz 17 ans et li et so conpagnon envi marier?".

My answer to this, which is the equivalent of rode kk lelefan dan trou fesse lion, as it is just as outlandish: " B ena tifi 12 ans p enceinte, alor bizin marier li oussi? ou tifi 13ans? 14 ans? 15 ans? 16 ans?" In other words, where do you draw the fucking line???

For once, we have a new minister who does not want to just look important in the ministerial limousine, as most of these wretched people often do. She is actually doing something that far more experienced politicians have failed to do over many years: bring about a Children's Act. And this is how Berenger will counter this aspect of the new law?

It would not surprise me at all if, in true Machiavellian manner, he gets his daughter Joanna to lead the attack against this bill. Because then, no one could shout "sexist" at him, parski kom ene vrai democrate mo p laisse madames dire seki bizin...Same as the nonsense Lysie Ribot was allowed to say in 2012....

I am afraid the same rubbish from Berenger will repeat itself when the bhai lookhes turn out in force to condemn the Gender Equality Bill....once again, Reza, Mia Mia, and others will listen to some unelected Imam before voting....This is where this nonsense known as 'Communalisme scientifique" has led us to: we no longer send representatives of lepep to the National Assembly. We now send representatives of ethnic groups to represent us, with their half baked dogmas and religious certitudes that ignore scientific and contemporary mores.

Perhaps Berenger ought to ask himself this simple question: why do we have so few female candidates and female MLAs in our National Assembly? There is only one answer to this: Because idiotic male political leaders love to talk bollocks about gender equality, fairness, equal representation, bla bla bla, whilst ensuring that few women candidates will be given tickets, and fewer will be elected because they have been given tickets that lead directly to l'abattoir...

Here are the figures for women who form part of more than 50% of our population, in our National Assembly:

Ptr : 0 women elected, 1 best loser, total: 1
MMM: 2 women elected, 1 best loser, total: 3
MSM: 8 women elected, 2 best losers, total: 10

Who is the real "ti cretin", eh?

The facts speak for themselves, non? The new minimum age for getting married has been welcomed by most Women's organisations and by the population at large. Berenger is the only leader to have so far voiced some opposition. Let us see how the men will once again tell women what's best for them and how they should conduct their lives when the National Assembly reopens soon. Dr Satish Boolell rightly said today that " « Les religieux s’occupent davantage de politique que du social ! »

I think we should call Berenger's latest intervention as "Scientific Patronising"....or perhaps "Mellifluous and Mellow Misogyny"....

Lundi 20 Janvier 2020

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