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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 1 Avril 2020

I must say it was a real pleasure to read the article of Philippe Forget this morning in L'Express: it depicts the future we all face with a realism that is quite rare in our newspapers.

Post-Covid-19: Un avenir bien assombri…*

After a brief and succinct appraisal of various sectors of our economy, Forget comes to a conclusion that only an idiot, a zombie, or a deluded zourlanus would argue with (although all 3 often come in the same package...).

He posits that " L’économie va donc très mal, d’autant qu’il faut y rajouter la litanie du déficit immense de la balance commerciale, de la dette publique qui gonfle, des marges de manœuvre budgétaires effritées, du gaspillage passé éhonté, de la productivité, et de la discipline personnelle faible, des dépenses jusqu’ici non couvertes, comme la pension de vieillesse."

I suppose the above conclusion makes him an 'anti patriote' in the eyes of the arseholes who seem to have invaded the comments section of our newspapers, as if it is part of a conscious effort of these sad people to tell the zourlanus: " Eh! pa zis zot ki ekrir kk! Nou oussi nou konne fer sa!"

But I am afraid our future is as dark as he suggests, something he has done with great skill and intelligence. The future is not bright, it certainly is not orange; in other words we are well and truly fucked because of the terrible state of our economy, now made infinitely worse by this devilish virus, and a government that does not seem to know its arse from its elbow.

So, instead of wasting your time watching some zourlanus make a passable impression of masturbation in his videos on MorpIoN News, or reading about some poor 10 year old girl that nobody cared about 2 days ago suddenly becoming an 'angel' after she was murdered in a most foul and brutal manner by her parents, or wasting your time trawling the internet in order to find the meme that you hope will give you the 'likes' that you think will give some meaning to your miserable lives, read this article instead.

It comes with no frills, and makes no attempt to hide the harsh reality that we will all face. Read it and remember that our finances are in the hands of Padaleksi and his zombies, a man whose facial features and cold expressions suggest he has missed a far better and more productive career as a Bollywood villain than as a politician.

Read it, and hopefully, you will no longer need any laxatives, because it is likely to make you shit yourselves every time you seriously consider the future we all face.

Mercredi 1 Avril 2020

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