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[Paul Lismore] IF Shameem Korimbocus IS A TERRORIST, THEN I MUST BE OSAMA BIN LADEN...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 30 Juillet 2019

" Terrorism works better as a tactic for dictatorships, or for would-be dictators, than for revolutionaries."---Christopher Hitchens.

So, a man is arrested in one of the most repressive countries in the world, and at the bidding of a government that claims to be democratic and which whips out its "Etat de Droit" card with the same subterfuge of the prestigidator intent on pulling the wool over your eyes.

A Mauritian government with not even a vestige of the fake patriotism it tried to display over the last 10 days has made a foreign country arrest one of its own citizens, in contrast to the true patriotism displayed with such joy by the nation and the wonderful athletes chasing glory for a people exploited by successive governments: a coming together of people of all beliefs at the altar of national pride and sovereignty.

What is Shameem Korimbocus' terrible crime? For making 'funny' videos which seemed to be liked by many people despite rarely raising even a titter from me, but which apparently the idiots in power found very threatening and alarming enough for him to be considered a 'terrorist'!

Shameem was apparently 'followed' by 250,000 people on Facebook, and that in itself tells you how stupid and incompetent this government really is. A day after so much goodwill had been created by our sportsmen and women, the government, by its rash and reprehensibly repressive action, has dissipated that goodwill and reflected glory that our athletes have bestowed on them.

How stupid do you have to be to come up with such a crass decision?

The DNA of repression, authoritarianism, and suppression of civil liberties that SAJ displayed to the public during 1982-1995 has been successfully transferred to the son. During SAJ's long tenure as PM until 1995, he tried to bludgeon the press and media, he attempted to send Sir Gaetan Duval to the gallows, he had his corrupt police and corrupt judges imprison his ex Deputy Prime Minister, Harish Boodhoo, in atrocious conditions, hard drugs, esp heroin, invaded our streets for the first time in our history, and gro tant bazaar filled up with bank notes were regularly transported by major drugs dealers to La Caverne.

In his last stint as PM, he and others stole all the assets of Dawood Rawat, imprisoned the ex PM Navin Ramgoolam, had many people charged with stupid provisional charges only to see all of them dropped subsequently. And even with one foot in the coffin, he is raking in at least Rs 1 million every month from us in salary, pension, and all sorts of benefits.

And now his son has taken the relay baton of suppressing civil liberties, and is racing to dig the pit of repression deeper, where only the seeds of dictatorship can grow and flourish. SAJ's progeny has gone even further and had his buffoon of an AG enact a law where any idiot whose arsehole gets a bit twitchy can have us charged and imprisoned for up to ten years.

Much worse than this, he has taken over all the institutions that are supposed to serve us, and has appointed his slaves to run them according to his whims and fancies, fed to him by a menu a la carte from la cuisine.

I told you about the Israelis imported especially to snoop into our private lives, because dictators are so obsessed with those they perceive as their enemies that they see enemies everywhere. It has reached the stage where any criticism, however mild, is now seen as lese majeste by a clown prince and his court of jesters.

If you have noticed an army of trolls recently, esp in the comments sections of our newspapers and in the FB pages designed and read by dunces, these are the soucerres 5 sous who have not been 'rewarded', despite assiduously licking the arses of those vile people for the last 5 years, and who still live in the hope that their mediocre skills will be at last recognised with the offer of a little government job.

Last night's arrest of Shameem is a dark day in our so called democracy. We have never witnessed any government, whether led by SSR, SAJ, NR, or PRB, be that vindictive where they ask a foreign government to arrest one of our citizens on trumped up charges of terrorism, and to deport him.

Shameem has led a productive, untainted life in Dubai for the last 10 years, and now he is in prison not for committing any crime by because the dictators in power simply cannot tolerate any criticism.

I have received at least 20 messages from various people, including those in government, warning me that the dictators are doing everything they can to discover my identity and, as many told me, in order " to finish me off". This explains my retirement to my igloo over the last week, but even the North Pole is now thawing at an alarming rate. When I read about Shameem's imprisonment in Dubai, I had no choice but to come out of hibernation.

As for the jasoos and the mercenary bhai lookes behaving like the slaves of politicians, here is my message to you and to your masters: You will never find me, because Paul Lismore is not just one individual, as I told you a few years ago when you and some mercenary zourlanus tried that little threat with us.

In the highly unlikely event that you find one of us, the rest of us will continue to show you for the vile bunch of nasty thieves and cunts that you really are. Many soucerres, esp those who love to pontificate about journalistic 'ethics' might give you one name, and again you will be utterly wrong.

Why? Because that one person was well trained to meet a few people and to talk, react, and swear like PL, same as he did for another pseudonym. So, even if you get him, you would have got fuck all because the other individuals who collectively are Paul Lismore will get even madder then and reveal secrets hitherto kept well hidden. You see, anyone can mention any name as the real Paul Lismore, but until you get your hands on the laptop and other I.T. equipment that we use, you would have got fuck all as proof.

I fear that Shameem is the first of many who will be arrested soon under the retrograde, repressive amendment to ICTA. The Jugs know very well what awaits them and their gang should they lose power in a few months. And they will do anything to continue to cling to power.

The opposition is being hugely ineffective and incompetent in keeping quiet about this attack on our civil liberties. Zaza has once again asked questions about things that are never as important as the main issues. He is really behaving like the zoli mamzel now transformed into a slut and waiting for the best offer from any malingerer on the prowl.

Shameem Korimbocus is a terrorist? Bousser le chalis, do! The real terrorists are those who use our votes in order to loot and plunder our money at will and who, with a sickly smile, tell us they are 'patriotes'.

Mardi 30 Juillet 2019

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