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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 1 Septembre 2019


Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Most of you would have seen the hugely offensive picture of a young man, Javed Gaffoor, chained up like a trussed up animal, in his hospital bed, with a police officer on 'guard' duty.

What was the terrible offence of young Gaffoor?

Simply for asking a National Security Service officer, now renamed our National Shit Service following la cuisine's stranglehold over our police force, why he was taking his photo not far from Navin Ramgoolam's office.

When Gaffoor went to make a complaint at Plaine Verte police station, the Shit Service officer, in true gablou form, made a counter claim that he had been assaulted. Therefore, no police investigation whatsoever on Gaffoor's original complaint (as in the Sinatanbou, Bodha, Gayan, Soodhun, Sesungkur, etc etc cases of complaint against them...), but a full investigation on the 'complaint' by the Shit Server, same as there have been full police investigations against whistle blowers from the press, but none against the corrupt bastards.

The website of the Mauritius Police Force gives pride of place to its Code of Ethics which contains, among its many laudable intentions, the following gem : " All members of the Mauritius Police Force will.... act ONLY within the law, in the understanding that they have NO authority to depart from due legal process and that No ONE may place a requirement on them to do so.".

This paper is meant to be constructive despite its strong language and will attempt to reflect the widespread feeling that our police force has consistently failed to satisfy the sine qua non of its mission statement : "To serve the public WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR, affection or ill will, and with IMPARTIALITY." This feeling has now grown into nausea and disgust from the day Mario Nobin was made police commissioner.

I have often mentioned the fact that our police commissioner cannot be removed from office by any one, not even by the Prime Minister, a fate which unfortunately befalls many of our citizens esp in the public sector, and which puts all of us at risk from the excesses of power that unfortunately blight all our lives.

He can only be removed from his functions if the Supreme Court orders his dismissal, following a Commission of Inquiry. With this cast iron guarantee of job security, why have our police commissioners found it almost impossible to show some initiative and lead the police force by example?

When Super Mario became police commissioner I, for one, was delighted because at last a member of our most deprived community had taken charge of our police force following a succession of Hindu Commissioners mostly of the 'higher' caste, and who had all been as useful as a grave robber in a crematorium...I really thought that all the stereotypes about creoles being lazy, disorganised, and feckless would now be put aside, because Super Mario was going to show us that, given the chance, that community could show the organisational skills and leadership that has often been perceived to be lacking.

What have we got instead? A creole version of the malbar commissioners with the same degree of sycophancy and lack of originality and independence as the previous ones.

In fact, he has surpassed them in terms of arse licking the government in power, and of incompetence on a truly horrific scale.The only things that stand out with regards to Super Mario's tenure as commissioner so far are 1/ His shiny buttons on a perfectly ironed uniform at parades to welcome the new entrants to the police force 2/ His predilection for 'missions' that only he himself knows the value of, and at great expense to the taxpayer.

It is all a terrible mess. We have never seen so much drugs on our island and the level of violence that this curse engenders.The muscle heads, thieves, criminals of all sorts have taken over our society, spreading fear and mayhem seemingly with impunity. And the one person we are supposed to rely on to defend us and to safeguard our rights, our police Commissioner, is himself signing for emergency passports for a notorious big time drug smuggler...or probably too busy planning his next trip overseas...

And if muscles do not work, what do cowardly politicians do? They toss criminal libel complaints like confetti, and Super Mario does nothing to prevent this gross abuse of our police force. The Ayatollah already believes that Casernes is as exotic as Jeddah, judging by the amount of time he spends there with all sorts of frivolous complaints.

But let me remind Mario Nobin of a law that he has probably forgotten, judging by the number of times he breaches its basic rules: THE POLICE ACT, 1974.

He should in particular look at Part 3 of that Act, which deals specifically with the National Security Service. Its primary function is in law limited only to " obtain, correlate, and evaluate intelligence RELEVANT to national security." And it then tells us what a NSS officer CANNOT do, at Section 18(2)(a) of the Police Act: " NO police officer....SHALL trail ANY individual on account of the involvement of the individual in ANY political activity or in ANY other form of LAWFUL PROTEST or DISSENT."and 18(2)(b): NO police officer SHALL act as a political activist, or engage in any political activity, or interfere in ANY manner with ANY ELECTORAL process."

So, why is the NSS behaving like the garbage collectors of la cuisine and acting as third rate spies on the opposition and any dissenter?

Now, even the most stupid troll on earth or the most sycophantic idiot in Mauritius will agree that our NSS has been turned into a National Shit Service by the politicians in government, whose primary duty now is not the security of the nation but doing everything that la cuisine tells them to do: spy on members of the opposition, spy on anyone who might say even a 'hello' to any opposition politician, and spy on anyone who is making too much noise that criticises and mocks the idiots in government.

Ask yourselves how many terrorists the NSS has caught? How many thieves dilapidating our National Treasury or grabbing big commissions on contracts that we all have to pay for? The answer is ZERO. Nobin has turned our NSS into an ILLEGAL police branch whose only job is to act as the repressive arm of the MSM, as the Gestapo of a dictatorial government, as the Secret police for the Prime Minister and his la cuisine, and all entirely paid for by us....

Until we have a police commissioner with a spine that remains solid and unbending, I am afraid the law and order situation will continue to remain fucked up in this country. Until we have a police commissioner who can tell any politician or any soucerre " ki to dire? Repete sa et mo ferm toi!" when asked to do something that is clearly not right and legal, we are fucked. A man with honour, a police commissioner of proven integrity and who respects the police uniform would resign in shame, and hope that we would, in time, forgive him.

I am afraid Super Mario just has not got it in him to do that. He is like the man from Del Monte, and he only knows how to say 'yes' to his political masters, even when illegal instructions are given to him to pass down the line. But he ought to remember that saying " I was only following orders" is not a defence in law, and he ought to perhaps read up on the Nuremberg trials after the Second World war....

He does salute exceedingly well, though..

Dimanche 1 Septembre 2019

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